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Monze town council has seized over 100 cases of expired drinks and foodstuffs


Monze town council has seized over 100 cases of expired drinks and foodstuffs from Kays Business Centre in Manungu compound.

A team of council health inspectors and council police led by Monze Town Council Treasurer Elias Chota were doing spot checks of compliance on business houses in the District when they discovered the expired the drinks and assorted foodstuffs.

Mr. Chota said local authority will not hesitate to withdraw trading license from any business house who engages in such trading practices.

He urged traders to remove all expired items from their shelves and report to the local authority to ensure that the expired items are disposed off properly.

And Council Public Relations Officer Kanchele Kanchele said the seized items included among others Fanta 892* 350mls, Coca cola 732 * 350ml, Sprite 4 cases 500ml, Fanta 54 cases * 500ml, Coca cola 62 cases * 500ml, Mirinda 7 cases * 500ml, Bibs Cola 22 cases of 300ml and other assorted foodstuffs.

Mr. Kanchele reiterated the warning that the council would deal with those selling expired goods and urged them to desist from such trading practices as they risk being prosecuted.

He said such trading practices are a health hazard to the community and that the council will continue to do spot checks on businesses in the District to ensure that business houses do not risk the health of residents by exposing them to expired consumables.

The seized expired goods will be disposed off on a date to be announced.


  1. They want to flood the market with goods from companies that hh has interests in by getting rid of local poor traders. Pf was party for the poor

  2. Which country you ever heard of people dying from expired Fanta?
    Sabotage… and these idyots will set drinks on fire instead of feeding street kids or prisoners.

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