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14 year old boy commits suicide


A 14 year old boy has committed suicide by hanging himself using fiber in Lusangazi district in Eastern Province.

Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer, Limpo Liywalii, confirmed the incident toZambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in a telephone interview today.

Mr Liywalii named the victim as Golden Banda of Village Six in Chief Sandwe’s Chiefdom.

He explained that the boy was reported missing on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 around 15:00 hours when he left home without informing any one about his whereabouts.

The Police Commissioner added that the boy was later discovered dead and hanging on a tree in a nearby bush.

Mr Liywalii said the incident was reported by Potiphar Banda aged 45 of Village Eight who narrated the ordeal.

“The suicide occurred between Tuesday April 18, 2023 at 15:00 hours and Wednesday 19 April, 2023 around 14:00 hours at Village six in Chief Sandwe’s area of Lusangazi district of Eastern Province and the incident was reported by Potiphar Banda aged 45 of Village eight who said that Golden Banda aged 14 of Village Six had committed suicide by hanging himself to a tree,’’ he said.

Police visited the scene and inspected the body and no foul play is suspected.

He said the body of the boy has since been buried by family members.


  1. So sad for a child to do this, May God Grant Him Peace In His Final Resting Place for he surely didn’t know what he was doing. The police should investigate what happened and why the child did this, maybe there were challenges the child faced at his home or at school or in the village. It is important to do a complete postmortem and not one which is only concerned with the physical body but the mental state of the boy and circumstances of the death so as to learn and prevent future occurances from happening. It is not enough to just say no foul play was expected, the child committed suicide for a reason and as guardians we need to know why so we can prevent others from doing the same.

  2. The sad effects of the extremely challenging life many people are going through under upnd. Alot of people are suffering and are disappointed after BMW(bally muntu wawufi) promised heaven on earth only to give them more suffering.

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