Friday, June 14, 2024

FAZ Gives Update on Delinking FAZ Super League


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has pledged its commitment to fully delinking the Zambian Super League from Football House.

The process has started to ensure that the Zambian Football League is run independently from FAZ.

When meeting Super Division and Division One club officials in Lusaka this morning, FAZ President Andrew Kamanga said one of the major issues that must be addressed when delinking the league is sponsorship.

He said FAZ has already indicated that it will relinquish sponsorship tied to the Zambia Premier League.

“One of the sticky points that we must be willing to address is the issue of sponsorship. On our part as the Football Association of Zambia we have already indicated that we will cede sponsorship tied to the Zambia Premier League. This however does not mean that the task of managing the ZPL will be easier as there is an ever-increasing demand for resources to manage the needs of clubs,” Kamanga said.

“We have every reason to believe that with a fully dedicated ZPL there will be greater energy channelled towards bringing more sponsors on board. At the moment, FAZ is burdened with managing the development leagues, national teams and premier leagues,” he said.

Kamanga added:May I hasten to say that this process will not happen overnight. However, we will not relent in ensuring that the process of de-linking is fully actualized. Given how far we have come, we have every reason to believe that the process will happen at an accelerated pace. We have already put in a skeleton staff manned by an acting Chief Executive Officer and a league manager.”

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