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Duty free equipment boost in mining sector


The Kitwe Chamber of Commerce has disclosed that the suspension of duty on importation of mining equipment has helped to increase production in the Mining sector.

Chamber Vice president Lackson Simwiinga said the increased production has also helped to create more jobs and increased revenue for government.

Speaking in Kitwe when the Parliamentary Committee on Delegated legislation met the chamber members to ascertain the success of the Statutory Instrument No. 46 of 2022, which facilitated the suspension of duty on importation of mining equipment, Mr. Simwiinga said the SI has further reduced the cost of doing business to the business community.

Earlier, Chamber president Emmanuel Mbambiko noted that the maximum benefits of the SI will only be enjoyed when Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines are brought back into full operation as the chamber members depend on the two mining companies.

And former Chamber president Sharad Nayee said the SI has not been well publicized as such some members have not benefited because they are not aware of the legislation.

And Committee Chairperson Remember Mutale said government introduced the SI because it wants to see increased production in the mining sector.

The committee later met the small scale gemstone miners who complained that they are not benefiting from the SI because they have no capacity to import mining equipment.

Speaking during the meeting held at Katilungu House, Emeralds and Semi-precious Minerals Association of Zambia (ESMAZ) President Victor Kalesha however complained that the incentive is being abused by some multi-national companies that are importing equipment for hiring out.

The committee members noted that the there is need for the small scale members to partner with established mining companies to enhance their capacity.


  1. Zero duty is a mistake. The government should charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of processing the importation of the equipment.

  2. Vision less government who are you trying to please the west? When your own people you charge them an arm and leg on simple domestic and industrial goods imported into the country

  3. These mining companies are always on the wining side, charging them duty is very important because they make huge profits after all. This mentality of letting these companies pay less will always cost the country unnecessary money.

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