Monday, June 17, 2024

DC unhappy with farmers selling maize fields to foreigners


Nbala District Commissioner (DC), Annie Paul has expressed disappointment with some small-scale farmers of Chinenke and Chisenga areas reportedly selling their maize fields to Tanzanians.

This came to light when the Mrs Paul undertook a spot check of the beneficiaries of Social Cash Transfer (SCT) programme in the district.

Speaking after visiting Chinenke and Chisenga areas, Mrs Paul was disturbed to learn that some farmers in the two areas have resorted to selling their maize fields to Tanzanians before the crops are ready for harvesting.

‘’How can we have people selling maize fields instead of selling the bags of maize to the FRA after harvesting? This is very disturbing,” she said.

Mrs Paul has wondered how such areas can contribute to the national food security aimed at fighting hunger in the country if they continue selling the maize fields to foreigners.

He has since advised farmers in the district to desist from selling their crop fields so that they can sell their maize to Food Reserve Agency thereby contribute to food security in the country.


  1. If the price is right any sane farmer will sell where he or she will make a profit. Their Maize their Labor. Let the DC grow Maize to sell to FRA & the little cooperatives that received full inputs. Not someone who bought fertilizer @ K1050 & weedkiller @ K530 & 25kg seed @ K1250

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