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UPND recognizes efforts of New Dawn Government and Minister Masebo in eradicating malaria


UPND, the ruling party of Zambia, is determined to create a healthy, productive, prosperous, and equitable country. Speaking on behalf of the party, Dr. Bob Sakahilu, the chairman of the UPND Health Committee, stated that the party’s focus on healthcare is essential to achieving the goals of the 8th National Development Plan and Vision 2030.

“The UPND is committed to creating a Zambia that is healthy, productive, prosperous, and equitable. We believe that a healthy population is key to achieving these goals. That’s why the Ministry of Health, along with other government institutions, will work towards providing quality healthcare to all citizens,” said Dr. Sakahilu.

He went on to add, “We hope to ensure that our government provides equitable access to quality healthcare to all our people in order to have a healthy, productive, and prosperous people with healthcare which is as close to their families as possible. This principle is seen in the steps taken by the Ministry of Health to hand over some clinics, hospitals, and workers to the local government institutions.”

Dr. Sakahilu stressed the importance of investing in malaria prevention and control measures. On the occasion of World Malaria Day, the UPND Health Committee called on all Zambians to support the government’s efforts to combat malaria.

“We urge every citizen of Zambia to add his or her voice to those calling for investment that brings new vector control approaches, prevention and diagnostic activities, antimalarial medicines, and other tools to speed the pace of progress against malaria, a disease that kills thousands of our people in Zambia,” he said.

Dr. Sakahilu also recognized the efforts of President Hakainde and Minister Sylvia T. Masebo and their teams in eradicating malaria in Zambia. Their efforts have earned President Hakainde the African Union Medal and the title of WHO Malaria Ambassador.

“We would like to recognize the efforts of our New Dawn Government led by HE President Hakainde and the efforts of our Minister, Hon Sylvia T. Masebo, and her team in the entire Ministry over the eradication of malaria in Zambia. Their tireless efforts have made a significant impact in the fight against malaria in our country,” he said.

The UPND Health Committee is also exploring the possibility of introducing a malaria vaccine, which has been successful in other African countries.

“The committee is aware that there is now a vaccine for children against Malaria. Trials have been done, and countries in Africa like Ghana have already signed to use it. We are consulting our line ministry on this one because as a strong weapon against ending this endemic disease, it is worth looking at its use in Zambia,” Dr. Sakahilu said.

In conclusion, Dr. Sakahilu urged all citizens to implement preventive and curative measures to eradicate malaria. The theme for this year’s World Malaria Day was “TIME TO DELIVER ZERO MALARIA-INVEST, INNOVATE AND IMPLEMENT,” and Dr. Sakahilu encouraged all citizens to work towards achieving this goal.

“As we commemorate today’s World Malaria Day, it is my desire and call to every citizen to join hands in implementing the various preventive and curative measures that are within our control. We wish all Zambians a day of positive reflection of ourselves as we move towards achieving our vision 2030 of a health, productive, prosperous, united, and equitable nation,” he concluded.


  1. It’s very unfortunate that the UPND as a party isn’t helping matters by seeing things in their right perspective and relaying them to those in Government. There’s an upsurge in malaria and flu cases. People are being given prescriptions because there’s no medicine. Everyday we have people that include relatives asking for assistance to buy medicine. Which hospitals do UPND’s members go to that they’re unable to see these things? Anyway God knows why he gave us people as incorrigible as the UPND. He has a reason and one day it’ll manifest. Shall we pray?

  2. Ministry of health is in a mess! Serious mess!! Just like the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of communication. The president must immediately fire Mutolo, Masebo Chushi and Kawana.

  3. Unfortunately when we point out these things we’re told that we’re bitter because we’ve failed to come to terms with the fact that the PF is no longer in government. How the shortage of medicines got to do with the PF and bitterness is up to the UPND to explain. We shouldn’t talk because they employed 30,000 teachers.

  4. “The UPND Health Committee is also exploring the possibility of introducing a malaria vaccine, which has been successful in other African countries.”

    I think we’ve had enough vaccines for now. In fact any claims of efficacy, safety or necessity need to be very closely examined. Because you really don’t know what is in them.

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