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Registrar of Societies on firm ground over PF deregistration, says UPND media director


In response to the Patriotic Front’s pending deregistration by the Registrar of Societies, the United Party for National Development (UPND) has urged the PF to comply with the law and avoid dragging civil servants into their illegalities.

In a statement released by UPND Media Director Ruth Dante-Heaton, the party expressed concern over the amount of scorn being directed towards the party and Republican President Hakainde Hichilema, as well as Chief Registrar of Societies Madam Thandiwe Mhende, by the PF leadership and its surrogates. Dante-Heaton emphasized that the matter at hand is not political, but rather a matter of law.

“The Chief Registrar is on firm ground and has cited the sections of the law which have been abrogated by the Patriotic Front and has provided them with a remedy to cure the anomaly which the PF has found itself in,” said Dante-Heaton. “It is thus appalling that the party through former Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba and Matero lawmaker Miles Sampa have opted to dance to the gallery and in their true self rushed to seek public sympathy.”

Dante-Heaton went on to urge the PF to quickly put their house in order and show cause why the party should continue operating as the country’s biggest opposition party during the seven-day ultimatum given by the Registrar of Societies. She also criticized the PF for accusing the UPND and the New Dawn government of engineering the deregistration in order to turn Zambia into a one-party state.

“We find this as a laughing matter because Zambia is a multiparty democracy with over seventy (70) political parties,” said Dante-Heaton. “How can deregistration of one political party lead to a one-party state? What happens to the other 69 parties? Will they also go into extinct? Let the PF have respect for the other existing political parties as part of democratic coexistence.”

The UPND also called upon the Registrar of Societies to conduct thorough checks on all societies to ensure they are following the requirements for their existence and abiding by the requirements of the law.

“As proponents of the rule of law, we urge the Registrar of Societies to leave no sacred cows as it sanitizes not only the political environment but all organizations falling under it,” said Dante-Heaton. “Any failure to conduct a thorough check on the operations of all societies would render credence to suggestions that the PF misfortune is a witch hunt and not a matter of law.”

The UPND emphasized that the country and government have many pressing needs that require urgent attention, and there is no time to waste on a matter that could have been avoided if the Patriotic Front had respected the rules of the land.

“We shall follow the proceedings closely to its logical conclusion and urge the Registrar of Societies to conduct its business in a professional and legal way devoid of political or societal influence or pressure,” concluded Dante-Heaton.

The UPND’s statement serves as a reminder that compliance with the law is essential in maintaining a healthy and functional democratic system, and that all political parties must respect the rules of the land to ensure the coexistence of a vibrant and robust political environment in Zambia.


  1. The PF is a party of vandals………..

    Even administrative procedure , they want to vandalise………

    Just ban that party of vandals, the way they are pouring scorn on an administrative requirement……….

    Is how they treated the laws of the country…….

  2. Why all this excitement? For this woman with a foreign name to comment, it means Upnd has a hand in it. Yes all the PF needs is just to go to the registrar, but as usual they will be told THE PERSON WHO HAS ACCESS TO THE FORMS IS OFF SICK, or WERE ELECTIONS HELD FOR THESE POSITIONS, or WHERE ARE THE MINUTES FOR THE MEETING WHERE THESE ELECTIONS WERE HELD…..there will be a thousand ways to kill the PF.

    • If it ever happened as you have described, then I don’t see any way how any Zambian would support UPND. Otherwise, it’s all conspiracy theories !!!
      But the truth is that it’s NOT the case.
      As it is, we need to encourage the PF to abide by the LAW and provide the Registrar with the needed clarification. PF needs to stop playing the victim on social media. This is an issue created by PF, it’s NOT Hakainde or UPND `s fault that PF has no leadership. If they have time for press conferences, why can’t they spend a few hours providing clarification?

  3. Ichilema chose politics and in politics being scorned is part of the game. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    • There is no Party if there is no Party Leadership, it’s as simple as that.
      To be fair, Let PF clean out their house, and don’t blame Hichilema for PF’s mess. Just be objective, at least on straightforward issues like this one. Not every issue should be politicized, no wonder Politicians take advantage. The truth is that even ardent PF supporters are complaining.

  4. A dead party is giving fool.s sleepless nights. So the claim by upnd that patriotic front is dead are fake…

  5. Madam Ruth, would that same firm ground you are standing on as your basis for the PF deregistration remain as principle to let democracy prevail?
    If you believe that the Post Newspaper was closed because of “administrative requirements” you are destined for a rude ugly shock. Go ahead and shut that lousy corrupt party, who cares? Maybe that’s the upshot heritage you wish UPND to be remembered for.

    • If happens that PF is de-registered, it will NOT be the only party that is de-registered in Zambia`s history. Please, stop covering up PF’s disregard for the law. The democracy you are quoting requires that you abide by the law.
      PF is just blackmailing you, they were NOT used to following the law. Do you remember when ECL ordered his ministers to stay in office after parliament was dissolved? Those are the type of people you are dealing with. Let them clarify their leadership, this has nothing to do with UPND or Hichilema.

  6. Dante-Heaton emphasized that the matter at hand is not political, but rather a matter of law.
    All Zambians know deregistration of PF is not legal but political. Just like when Lungu threatened to deregister the UPND in 2014. Ruling parties use every tool they can lay their hands on to try and destroy the opposition. Then UPND spokesman Charles Kakoma said PF wanted to turn Zambia into a one party state and that threats of deregistration by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu would be an exercise in futility.

  7. Those of us that drive on Zambian roads understand that whenever a traffic police officer asks you to park by the side, he always has a reason,no matter how nonsensical! Sometimes he’d even ask passengers in your car if they know your name. Whatever he does we always know that the motive is to extort some money from you. Even in this case, the Registrar might be on firm ground but we know the motive. She’s being used to fight political battles. Her predecessor found himself in the same dock as MCS on case of LPM’s forged letter. We know these things

  8. Have you tried to de-register Mulyokela’s party or Gen Godfrey Miyanda’s Heritage party? Begin from there then come down with a notice to de-register PF. The truth is New Doom is dead scared of the mighty PF and wants to eliminate the major opposition party for easy go in 2026.

    • Do those two parties mean anything in Zambia currently? Therein lies the open secret and bitter truth.

  9. Well, and what does UPND hope to accomplish by deregistering PF? Do they really think deregistering PF will win them new support and admiratio? Why are politicians this THICKHEADED every time they are given TEMPORARY political power? This will be a su!c!dal and duuuuumb move by UPND!

  10. I just checked. Upnd haven’t renewed their registration and it’s only after the threat against the PF that they have sneaked a poorly done register.
    If you are in doubt let any newspaper challenge the registrar to produce it.

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