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President Hichilema Directs Ministry of Health to Complete Construction of Chililabombwe District Hospital


President Hakainde Hichilema has instructed the Ministry of Health to complete the construction of the Chililabombwe District Hospital, stating that he will not tolerate any further delays. Speaking at a public meeting at Twafwane ground in Chililabombwe District, President Hichilema expressed disappointment at the long delay in the hospital’s construction and said that it must be open and running by the time of his next visit to the district.

In addition to this, President Hichilema has directed the contractor on the Chingola-Kansumbalesa Road to prioritize locals for job opportunities. He has instructed the Road Development Agency and other stakeholders to urgently look into the matter.

President Hichilema further announced that the government will soon sign a contract for the construction of the Mufulira-Sakanya Road, adding that his administration is working hard to unlock job opportunities in the mining sector and other areas. He also thanked the people of Chitimukulu Ward in Chililabombwe Constituency for voting for a UPND councillor in the recent by-election.

During the meeting, President Hichilema was accompanied by several cabinet ministers and members of the UPND National Management Committee, as well as independent and opposition members of parliament. Meanwhile, Patriotic Front Mafinga Member of Parliament Robert Chabinga praised the president’s efforts in increasing the Constituency Development Fund.

President Hichilema reiterated his commitment to delivering development for all Zambians and urged everyone to get involved and work together towards this goal. He also addressed issues related to early distribution of farming inputs and vowed to ensure that farmers receive inputs at their doorsteps on time.

The president’s directives and announcements at the meeting have been received positively by the residents of Chililabombwe District, who believe that his administration is taking concrete steps towards delivering development in the region.


    • African politicans are all the same soon they will start saying that if you dont vote for UPND they will not be development in your area. Power is sweet indeed…HH thinks his Presidential directives will make it rain with money. Meanwhile when it comes to Forest 27…he is scared of issuing a directive because his close friends and colleagues have houses and mansions in there.

    • And whats this Mufulira-Sakanya Road? A new project? Why does Mufulira need to be connected to Sakania? How about first redoing the Mufulira Ndola road? And also repairing the Mufulira Mansa road called the pedicle road?

  1. A president who instructs his workers on everything is a sign of failed Ieadership. Next he will instruct his mlnisters on how to sleep with their wlves

  2. Hakainde stop this nonsense of Lazy Lungu issuing silly directives in public to hoodwink the people…you know for that an MOH construction project can not just stop because workers are on holiday it boils down to funding.
    Its the same with the contractor on the Chingola-Kansumbalesa Road to prioritize locals for job opportunities…the article wont mention them because they are Chinese and this govt wants to erase them like those Arabs in Egypt do when they open a tomb and find the Pharoah has an African nose. The main contract is AVIC there is no way a business is going to prioritise jobs for what..they need to make a they are already given away 20% works to the local contractors.
    Stop this politicking people know about these tricks now!!

  3. Why are you so negative? Why don’t you wait and see if the instructions will be carried out? Yes, they are all the same because Africans think the same way. Shaka Zulu said Africans only hear with a whip.

    • Africans should not be separated from others. There is no difference between humans. It is an inferiority complex to ascribe negatives to people of a certain race only

    • How long shall we keep waiting while our taxes are wasted? Time is money and every politician and their defenders should know that.

  4. When Hon. Silvia Masebo visited Kakoso hospital in Chililabombwe, on recent ward elections campaigns, she expressed shock that linen covers a long distance before being washed clean. Chingola does laundry for Chililabombwe at a cost of 4pin per day (K124,000/month for a hospital of 45 beds only). Before this new big hospital is commissioned, kindly make sure that the small old one is also taken good care of.
    Some directives are inevitable, but must be keenly followed for them to bear fruits.

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