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PF Mufulira district youth chairman accuses President Hichilema of neglecting crucial issues during his CB Tour


Bashi Promise, the new nickname for Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema coined by opposition Patriotic Frong (PF), has been criticized for his recent comments by the PF Mufulira district youth chairman. In a statement issued by PF Mufulira district youth chairman., Bashi Promise was accused of misplaced priorities, stating that the president was more concerned with demonizing his political opponents than addressing the pressing issues facing the country, particularly the situation with the KCM and Mopani mines.

According to the statement, the people of the Copperbelt Province were hoping to hear Bashi Promise’s plans for the future of the two mines. However, the president’s speech was more focused on attacking his political opponents, which, was not helpful to the miners and contractors who helped put Bashi Promise in power.

The statement also criticized Bashi Promise’s failure to provide medical supplies, leading to a rise in illnesses and death. Additionally, the high cost of living and essential commodities was making it impossible for people to feed their families, leading to destitution for many.

The statement also called on Bashi Promise to prioritize reducing the cost of living and creating employment opportunities for the youth. The youth chairman stated that the president should not worry about his political opponents, but instead focus on delivering on the expectations of the people.

The statement concludes by urging Bashi Promise to stop promoting violence and to prioritize the reduction of the cost of living and doing business for the people of Zambia. The chairman stated that Bashi Promise should focus on delivering results instead of campaigning, as his works will speak for themselves.


  1. Kopala will teach someone a lesson, he shouldn’t even be forcing matters because they are already waiting for any figurehead apart from him. Even a frog will do for the Kopalans.

    • Can you imagine the praise are even singing. I don’t understand what kind of praise singers we have.

      You are visited by a president who doesn’t not even say anything about the mines.

    • Henry – What do you want him to say…to lie like your Lazy Lungu who got us into all this mess in the first place!!

    • This is the selfsame Henry who was posting on here celebrating when his incompetent Lazy Lungu appointed Milungo Lungu and State House advisers Amos Chanda and the real KZ to go to Mulifuria to liquidate KCM illegally…did we not tell your dumb a$$es where is the empowerment you were celebrating?

    • Iwe mufana, Orange Boy, is KCM in Mufulira? Don’t show your open handed ignorance here. You sound damned poorly informed about CB and locals. Your thick head remains starved of facts. It is rusted. Lungu this, Lungu that. Even an illegal liquidation has a solution eventually. Just help Doom be above par if you have the stamina than thise cheap excuses of yours.

    • Moans & Monks – Thank you for that correction…its still doesnt change the fact that Lazy Lungu sent his officals to Chingola. And the only end to illegal liquidation is the taxpayer coughing up hefty fines to Vandenta

  2. Although it’s coming from a vanquished party member, I can say there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for Mufulira and other towns on the copperbelt.
    Too much theory and illusion.
    Like I said come in the open we won’t bite you.

  3. Bashi promise is a born liar and crook. Let him see what happens in next election. People have had enough

    • Look at this Humpty Dumpty Impostor based in UK…ask it how all these problems started and it will keep quiet. People have had enough but believe me you people are not stupid and PF isnt the alternative.

  4. PF concerned about KCM and Mpoani how ironic is that..these are problems that Lazy Lungu could have avoided but greed got the best out of him. I wonder how many coins Glencore gave Lazy Lungu and his crooks to sign such a raw deal. I am surprised that this PF Mufulira district youth chairman has even the guts to talk after Lazy Lungu’s appointees literally runsacked and asset stripped KCM all in the name of liquidation.
    They are lucky UPND has an incompetent media team.

  5. I just want to understand why when I want to go to Ndola I have to go to Kitwe. Repair Mufulira-Ndola road. Its just economic sense!

    • You dont understand because you people in CB…cheer about useless things politicans throw at you like Black Mountain a waste dump. you never hold your politicans accountable they just throw a few bags of mealie meal and cooking oil you start dancing like Bowman was doing now the current Provincial Minister is doing the same thing.

    • @Deja Vu the road was only insecure in the 70s when robbers used it. From the 80s it has just been neglected. The pedicle road inside DRC is what can be called insecure but thats the risk of that colonial intrusion into our country. There’s a similar road in Gambia and like with all African governments it is taking a decade to construct this so-called TransGambia road linking Northern and Southern Senegal

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