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Sudan conflict rumbles on as military forces accuse each other of violating ceasefire


Sudan’s military and paramilitary forces have accused each other of violating a ceasefire agreement that had been extended for 72 hours. The fighting has been ongoing for three weeks since an internal power struggle erupted between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on 15 April.

Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands wounded in the conflict, which has also led to tens of thousands of people fleeing across the country’s borders.

The situation has prompted fears that the country could destabilise, leading foreign governments to evacuate their nationals. Talks have been scheduled but prospects for a resolution appear slim.

The conflict has derailed an internationally backed political transition aimed at establishing a democratic government in Sudan, where former autocratic President Omar al-Bashir was toppled in 2019 after three decades in power.


    • The two Generals took power through a coup from another General who took power from civilian rule…this was never going to work but everyone pretended it was rosy even the spineless useless AU.

    • Refugees from the Sudan conflict will come as far as Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The traditional buffer country Kenya is already hosting millions from the Somalian and Ethiopian conflicts and is also facing severe food inflation induced by climate change. So we should kind of get ready in some way. The UN general assembly meeting in September should come up with a clear policy to help failed states to stabilize and rebuild, otherwise this will continue.

    • Lastly I dont see these Generals ever resolving this issue as trust has gone out the window…these are two very powerful Generals; General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Sudan’s military ruler and head of the army, and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo the country’s deputy and head of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group. When the army gets this powerful like in Egypt just say goodbye to civilian rule as the army will always undermine it.

    • HH please send planes and busses to ferry those refugees into Zambia. Then claim oil in compesation.

  1. The AU is no where to be seen…they are waiting for UN and its masters the US to come and mediate when they are partly responsible for some of this mess. You will see the so called African leaders gather at the next summit talking about why the west isn’t giving them money to fight climate change.

  2. Hh is nowhere to be seen helping to evacuate the many Zambians who are stuck in Sudan. He did the same in Ukraine where we lost a young Zambian man. God will judge hh harshly. Amen. I have just come from church

    • Like Lazy Lungu was nowhere to be seen to evacuate students in India during the covid-19 pandemic..the UK based Humpty Dumpty Troll has to post a comment just for the sake of it without thought.

  3. Most Zambians are now back from Sudan
    ECL as an ex president why dont he use his & pf Funds to go and check on the ground
    Is it because has no public relation skills ??

  4. Africa…this is what happens when you build cult followers and praise singers who are willing to die for their leaders…and it’s very unfortunate….Politicians are evil and they enjoy seeing people killing each other while they hide in expensive Villas….poor supporters are starving and dying on the streets….

    • These are not politicians but members of the Sudanese military junta. They have no political followers but loyal soldiers. If you fo not know that difference, do not parade your ignorance or hold out your opinion as a fact.

    • @Grant, you are right, they may not be typical politicians but they are fighting for political power so they are politicians who, unfortunately, have military power already but now what to keep political power to ensure total control on the country!! Their tactics are almost the same with what useless politicians do, who allow their supporters to fight physically for them!! After all not all civil wars are started by military rulers but by intransigent greedy politicians or rulers of any kind!!

    • So long as these foools are fighting it will easy to get cheap crude oil from them in exchange for cheap weapons…if Sudan didnt have oil they wouldnt be fighting.

  5. Africa has to address conflicts as a priority. If the continent can’t address such things then why are some people even fooling themselves by talking about the Africa Free Trade Area? Total fantasy!!!

  6. Some countries need strongman type of governance. Sudan had Jaffer Nimiery who was deposed for the sake of establishing a democracy ( probably with the help of the West). It hasn’t worked and the country has become worse than it was under dictator Nimiery.

  7. @Gunner in Zambia and Umuntu
    What difference does it make they’re all power hungry mother fks….they share the same interests which is to loot and enrich themselves

  8. @Gunner in Zambia
    I have a lot of Sudanese friends here in the USA and what they’re saying is exactly the opposite of what the western fake media is feeding into your brains, its all about money and greedy.. plus the interference of the Western countries,,,be extra careful when you deal with the west…they can easily entice morons like you to kill your fellow Zambians

    • What has the West got to do with the looting, rape and murders of the Sudanese military against civilians? These are all Jihadists who have failed to build their Islamic utopia. What are your Sudanese friends and yourself doing in the evil West which is enticing motons like me to kill my fellow Zambians?

  9. Who says Africa can be a free trade area, considering all this chaos and lack of support from neighbors? Fiction!!

  10. @Zedyatu
    People like Gunner in Zambia should study the History of Sudan then they will understand that Sudan has some serious Political issues…it’s not just about a General fighting a fellow General….Big Western Countries are serious involved and pressing the button….my Sudanese friend told me yesterday that Sudan is the most corrupt country in the world….forget Nigeria

  11. Just a month ago the US embassy was celebrating when the Inspector General of Police was fired…..and this is how rebellion starts….Kajoba can easily mobilize his loyal Police officers and seek arms from some anti US Asian country or Russia and start fighting the government….and America will be cheering and calling you uncivilized whilst you slaughter each other

    • Grant – A police officer can not mobilise anything in a country where have seen a coup de at by a Police …you need firepower and people for that..really laughable but I get what you are getting at!!

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