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PF Media Director Alleges UPND Government’s Plan to Sell Luxury Vehicles to Themselves


Patriotic Front Media Director Antonio Mourinho Mwanza has alleged that the New Dawn Government of Zambia, led by the United Party for National Development (UPND), is planning to sell luxury Land Cruiser VX vehicles to themselves at a cheaper price. This follows a recent directive by President Hakainde Hichilema that all brand-new Land Cruiser VX vehicles bought after the UPND formed government must be sold.

Speaking on live radio on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, Mwanza accused President Hichilema of playing the role of a hero while being aware of the purchase of the vehicles. He noted that the President had previously said that no brand-new vehicles would be bought for his Cabinet upon forming government, but new vehicles were bought immediately after they assumed office.

Mwanza also wondered where the President was when the vehicles were being bought and stated that the government was lying to people that there was no money in the coffers. He alleged that the UPND government wants to sell the vehicles they bought at an exorbitant price cheaply.

According to Mwanza, the country deserves an apology from President Hichilema because he lied about not buying brand-new vehicles. He said that there is a procedure for buying government property, and the cabinet was fully aware that they were going to purchase these vehicles.

Last week, President Hichilema directed Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa to ensure that all luxury vehicles bought for senior government officials during the UPND regime are sold. The President made the directive to the Cabinet Secretary during the presidential delivery unit leadership workshop in Lusaka.

The President noted that his administration had vowed to curb extravagance among government officials, which was evident in the previous administration. Therefore, he emphasized the need to adhere to that vow, further stating that the luxury vehicles were unnecessary. He reiterated his government’s commitment to serving the people of Zambia and ensuring accountability from appointed officials.

President Hichilema expressed disappointment that some ministers and permanent secretaries had failed to deliver on their mandates and were instead busy globetrotting. He challenged senior government officials to be accountable to the electorate, who, despite facing difficult circumstances, still voted for them.


  1. Its ironic that the likes of Mwanza are talking about misuse of Govt property when most of these PF chaps drove Ford Rangers supplied to them by ZESCO, LWSC and other govt institutions where they were ghost workers benefitting with full salary and fuel.

    • Hi has the right to talk just like You mofo..When its wrong,it is wrong. SO PF does, UPND does. You guys are simply chicken Shyt

  2. 1.He tried to sell electricity……but created load shedding …so he stopped.
    2.He tried to sell the country’s maize…..but created mealie meal shortages.. He stopped.
    3.He has been trying to sell the country’s jet – there are no buyers.
    4. Now he wants to sell the government vehicles…
    What else will he sale? The country?

  3. The view of Antonio Mwanza is one I concur with. The UPND government is a government of business men and women who always want to look at public property as merchandise for sale to themselves. They are not there to serve Zambians but to enrich themselves.

  4. PF are Zambian and Mwanza has the right to talk if he sees thing are not right. wait until UNPD come out of power and you will what they are doing now. let love lead

  5. He noted that the President had previously said that no brand-new vehicles would be bought for his Cabinet upon forming government, but new vehicles were bought immediately after they assumed office.
    Where was our news Media? Sleeping?

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