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State Invasion of Former President’s Residence Draws Comparisons to Gestapo Tactics


Isaac Mwanza, a prominent Zambian political commentator, has expressed his concerns about the recent events surrounding the former President’s residence.

In a post, he said, “What we witnessed on Wednesday morning was reminiscent of the Gestapo tactics used by the Germans. It’s alarming that state power is being used to perform dehumanizing acts.”

He further added, “The raid on the former President’s residence is just one of many attempts to link him to criminal activities. Many civil servants have been called to testify against him, and there have been several instances where police officers have been involved in shady dealings.”

Mwanza also highlighted the recent attack on Chilufya Tayali’s residence, saying, “The attack on Tayali’s residence shows that there are unknown armed militias out there who are willing to kill to silence those who speak out against the government. It’s a worrying trend that needs to be addressed.”

He emphasized that the police should focus their efforts on curbing real criminal activities, rather than targeting individuals based on unsubstantiated allegations. “With crime statistics on the rise, the police should be focusing on the real criminals who are causing harm to society. The recent raid on the former President’s residence symbolizes a paranoia that needs to be addressed,” he said.

Mwanza also expressed his concerns about the future, saying, “With things changing fast in Zambia, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the former Head of State. He should realize that his silence over the many accusations against him is not helping him enjoy the serenity of his retirement.”


  1. They want to intimidate Lungu because of the recent publicity he’s had of late. If Mrs Lungu had stolen the said would that be the reason to summon the entire mobile unit to arrest her?
    And someone tribalist Kapinga can’t see this.
    Lungu in spite of his short comings, is a former president and therefore a person of interest.

    • The tactics employed in this operation is the reason we must never ever recruit those with a maximum of grade 7 certificate into the Zambia Police Service. A Chief Inspector rank must have a minimum of a diploma and a 1st degree for Assistant Superintendent upwards

  2. Divide and conquer…the real enemy is busy pulling the strings. Zambian’s need to be serious. AFRICOM is in full swing.

  3. Maralago, former US President Trumps’ home was invaded by FBI searching for documents a few months ago. Just today itself when ECL was being raided by Police, the same was happening at Former Brazilian President Bolsonaros home in Brazil where Police even confiscated a phone and other documents

    • so because it happened in usa ninshi zambia shud do it…iwe chi homo u are simply a pupu head.

  4. #Paulo these are different cases. Mrs Lungu’s is bordering on a civil case which the complainant could have taken to court.
    The two presidents you have mentioned are accused of attempting to overthrow their governments.
    Did Mrs Lungu use violence like a gun to get those items? Were these taken under some failed agreement?

  5. The New Dawn went at dawn donned in security uniform to down their sworn enemy on a pretext that they were searching for the stolen Toyota Runx when in fact they went to break his spirit.
    Someone was loaned money by a relative of Mrs. Ester Lungu. They offered that car as surety. It is not clear if the credit is cleared. The police already knows about the case and discussions have long since happened. Did the pending case require a night raid in a “Gestapo” semblance? No.

    Here is my take: Sometimes UPND does things to remind us how things were when Lungu was in charge back then and how it feels when you are at the receiving end. How Hakainde expects to prevail on this is another matter.

  6. Ati Gestapo tactics? Now compare.
    Here is a report on the 11th April 2017.

    STATE Police late last night raided embattled opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s residence in New Kasama area.
    A witness told Mwebantu that State Police broke doors to Mr. Hichilema residence. They also discharged teargas into the house, choking the occupants, including Mr Hichilema family. Power was switched off to the residence by State Police.
    This was purely a search mission and I don’t whether a search requires the parliament to meet and remove the immunity.

    • #Piranha very soon HH will be going to the airport I challenge you to drive along his motorcade. You know the difference between the the two issues.

  7. Mwanza is a PF cadre and not a renowned political commentator. That aside the raid should nor have happened as it was a simple process just to send a call out to the accused to report herself foe enquiries at the police station. After enquiries are conducted the police would have been in a better position as to what next. Like this they are just making fools of themselves.

  8. This “raid” has nothing to do with the “theft of motor vehicle”. It is smelling of revenge. It was deliberatly orchestrated to coincide with Hakainde’s emotional comment the “alebwelelapo” video footage earlier this week.
    During such raids, the Gestapo also planted their own surveillance gadgets to monitor his perimetre moves and who visits him. HH said, “Am watching him”.

  9. Nyoooo, ba museche Lungu bunamucompolile bwahae bwa nyenyisa namunungu wa ndalabangwana tuna yani!

  10. It is very difficult for HH to shade his past preventing him to heal emotionally. Mostly, he is very vindictive.
    1. He said he doesn’t want Lusambo on the Kabushi ballot, he managed.
    2. His case was not set before court for 19 years, he appointed 19 judges.
    3. He wanted Mumbi prosecuted, she was in Mongu prison for 400 plus days.
    4. Lungu teti abwelelepo….?? Is he winning on this one or he is already losing? I think Lungu will backout on his own before the whistle blows, but still it’s a strategic win for HH.

  11. It’s not rocket science…and the US government was cheering when inspector General of Police was fired…and you know Lungu wasn’t a puppet of the USA….Lungu was pro China….so now the USA is controlling Zambia and dividing us…be very careful when you deal with the USA….they know how to press buttons and before you know it Spaka will attack DeJavu with a machete

  12. I just paid a courtesy visit to my father ecl and mama of the nation our only first lady. As usual they were both in high spirits. Hhs hate and insecurity will not change us and our aims. 2026 is ours. Ayopa hh.

  13. Zambia is sovereign in nature, Zambians understand issues and freely decide their destiny.They know what to feed on and how much to chew.

  14. You expect ZP to send 2 or 3 detectives to search for the vehicles with all those PF officials and hoodlums/waiting baying for their blood. Kupusa bati. Police are not stupid.

  15. That 400 000usd cash has opened a can of worms. Dad for Mama Lungu and by extension ECL himself. It may get very messy. I hope government will be magnanimous enough to move on as we have more pressing issues to resolve. But those who have been prosecuted for lesser amounts/ accounts frozen or forfieted including NGOS like TIZ will cry foul. Ifykulya ubushiki fimonekela kumalushi. What is eaten at night/in darkness gets to be seen in vomit. Sad and tough lesson.

  16. Rwanda,Sudan,Alfganstan,Irag,Libya and etc are few countries which is current under civil war as a result of poor governance,kindly we refuse this kind of tactics here in zambia.God help us before it is too late,before we regret of the waste thing to come.Very shamful indeed. too much ubwaice bweka bweka ubupuba over over.

  17. Police Police be professional,it is not just everything you are old to and you do without resoning,mmmmmm and that those appointments are…….. bwafya tata kwati nikunkondo kkkkkk very shameful indeed.Umusebanya pa world ati shani. kkkkkkkk

  18. Trump is being victimized because he wants to run again….Jacob Zuma is being victimized because he wants to run again….Khama ex Botswana President is being victimized because he wants to run again….Lungu is being victimized because he wants to run again….. Crooked Joe Biden’s administration is going around the world starting wars and stealing other people’s natural resources….BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU GO TO BED WITH AMERICA

  19. If you look at the machinery involved..the entire operation cost tax payers about US$600000….and they went looking for property valued at less than US$80000…..some Embassy will just write a check of US$600000…we know the deal because Zambian Government on its own doesn’t such money….try to call Police now to go and investigate a murder case in Kanyama and they will tell you that they don’t have fuel….AMERICA PLEASE STOP YOUR NONSENSE

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