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Former First Lady Mama Esther Lungu Involved in Dispute Over $400,000


In September 2021, an incident involving the niece of the former President of Zambia, Catherine Banda, occurred. She was entrusted with keeping $400,000 in safe custody, but later alleged that she gave $300,000 to Elizabeth Phiri and her daughter, Fuhana Patel, who subsequently filed a complaint with the police regarding theft of their vehicles and property.

Former First Lady, Mama Esther Lungu, requested the return of her money from Catherine Banda in August 2022. However, it was discovered that the money had already been surrendered to Elizabeth Phiri and her daughter Fuhana Patel. Upon being summoned to family meetings, it was revealed that the duo had used the money to purchase the same property under question.

An agreement was reached between the parties involved, whereby Elizabeth Phiri and Fuhana Patel agreed to surrender the certificate of title for the property in question (stand number S/Lusaka/SLN 0003/2977 located in Libala south water works area) and three motor vehicles – a Mitsubishi Canter bearing registration number BAV 5282, a Toyota Allex bearing registration number BAV 3986, and a Toyota Runx bearing registration number BAV 3986 – to compensate for the money.

The duo willingly surrendered the property and vehicles to the former President’s residence in accordance with the agreement, bringing the certificate of title and vehicles to the residence.

However, Mama Esther Lungu has expressed surprise that this matter, which was settled by a civil agreement, is now under police investigation. Yesterday, heavily armed police officers accompanied by anti-riot vehicles reportedly stormed the residence of the former President, demanding to search the premises.

The incident involving Mama Esther Lungu and the dispute over the $400,000 has caused quite a stir in Zambia, with many following the developments with interest. As investigations continue, it remains to be seen what the outcome of this situation will be.


    • It seems State House during Lugus time was a hive of criminality, this is just the tipe of the iceberg. What happened to the money Lungu printed? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they are involved in the Gold Mafia.
      Watch this space.

    • Dont forget Dora siliya’s son who was given millions to get rid off when his mother realised MMD had lost power

    • Explain that simple law doctrine to HH. He was on TV during Mary Chirwa’s swearing-in defending himself saying it is police at work and he has nothing to do with it. Clearly he doesnt know or prefers to express ignorance about what cases police are supposed to be involved in

    • And he is the president! The President doesnt know citizens’ rights why a state has a Police force!

  1. I got a call out from the police at one of the stations. This was a matter where I was in possession of another person’s motor vehicle white book. At the station I asked the police if the man had told them why I was in possession of this document. He had not done so.
    I told the police that the man had come to borrow money from me and left his document as surety and I gave him the money. The police wanted to act funny, I called my lawyer and the tune changed to JUST GIVE THE BIG MAN HIS MONEY SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE YOUR BOOK.
    Why do the police get involved in cases involving debts I don’t understand.

  2. The crux of the matter is why keeping the $400,000 out of the bank and timing indicates that this was election time. Zambians, deal with fundamental issues not politics. These are people who were steering our economy. Remember additional money retrieved from Faith? who else was in custody of such? why did she give it to someone for safe keeping? where did she get it? these are questions we should be debating. Do not be simplistic

  3. This has only covered the narrative from the first lady. There are two sides to every story. What raises the eyebrows however is why the first lady, a seemingly responsible woman, would give USD400,000 of assumedly honestly gotten money to a young niece for an extended period for “safe keeping”?!!! Also, it is very strange that if the story were this simple, the former President and his wife wouldn’t have just let the police in upon arrival, explained first lady’s side of the story and shown them the vehicle/s and title deeds!!! Instead they mobilised the whole UPND Executive and buses of cadres to come and make a scene. The calibre of problem solving by this family leaves much to be desired!!!

    • You are asking the wrong question. Why would police be involved so heavily in such a civil case? You go and report a breach of contract at police and see if the riot squad will come out to help you recover your property.

  4. PF thieves. Where did Lungu get $400,000 USD from in the first place and not even keep it in the bank.
    Stop talking like PFools. That is the question. Where is this money from, why is it being kept under a mattress basically.

  5. Stolen money from zambias coffers………

    Now you can see why lungu is revered by PF, even after single handedly destroying the once mighty PF party………….and nearly the country.

    There are still millions of dollars hard cash hidden somewhere, the PF praise singers of lungu know this…………..and we know this.

    That is why lungu is revered……they know there are stolen millions hidden somewhere.

    However, GRZ is watching for any money that will be unearthed………..

  6. So bene NPF benze kupupumina kuti ni persecution kansi it was a family feud mwawantu? What is wrong with us? Everything ni ma polotiks cabe mwati. Let the law take its course. And no, this is not an immunity issue. And no it is not about Edgar but about Esther (even the Lusambo twins are not identical). Tiyeni nayo! Let’s see how this case goes. Ndipo ka $400,000 ni patali ine mwe. I cannot earn that money even after my lifetime. Kuli odyela mu dziko.

  7. S400,000 is certainly money beyond what Mrs Lungu would have earned as a First Lady. In the first place is First Lady a job? I dont vote for a first lady. I just vote for a President so why should she start galivanting the world on my taxmoney for anything she is doing? Who approves the funding for the first lady’s office? Minister of Finance? It is illegal. I maintain that this office is just a window for corruption. It should be done away with immediately!

  8. Stolen money which she gave to the niece to keep in case she is found with that cash and can’t account for it. Now the niece took advantage of the secret deal and decided to spend splurge some of it thinking as this is stolen money the aunty won’t pursue the matter and for sure the aunty didn’t report her to relevant authorities because it would bring more questions than answers but just decided to grab the cars and land documents in lieu of the missing funds which now lead the niece to report this.

  9. next question.
    Where did the $400,000 cash come from?
    If it was from business income, then the annual tax returns to PACRA and VAT filings will verify the source.
    If it was from a property sale, a transfer tax slip with ZRA must be availed.
    If funds came rentals. withholding tax payments to ZRA can be availed.
    If was saved from her previous job, PAYE slips will verify the source.
    No need for hearsay or word of mouth. Provide valid proof for the source of funds.

  10. Misplaced priorities….let’s just concentrate on developing Zambia as per campaign promises…trying to settle scores won’t take us anywhere…and that’s what the so called Western Countries like to see….a backward and impoverished Africa…US$400000 is pocket change…the Police operation cost US$600000 tax payers money if not sponsored by USA

  11. Failing to comprehend why even with full evidence of criminality, people are still supporting her. First it was houses, now this? Can we be serious for once

  12. The lesson is never ever give money to relatives. They always feel its theirs. Because they havent worked for it but through blood they are entitled to it.

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