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Socialist Party accuses Zambia’s President of using state apparatus to intimidate former President Lungu


The Socialist Party in Zambia has issued a scathing statement condemning the recent actions of President Hakainde Hichilema and accusing him of using the state apparatus to intimidate his political opponents.

In the statement, which was released on Thursday, the party took issue with the recent attempt by the Zambia Police and other security wings to storm the residence of former President Edgar Lungu. The party argued that the move was a deliberate show of force intended to send a message to Lungu and his family that they were not safe from the President’s wrath.

“The shameful attempt by Zambia Police and other security wings to storm the residence of former President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu yesterday should be understood as flexing of muscles by President Hakainde Hichilema to send a strong message that he had power to fix the former president and his family using the state apparatus,” the statement read.

The party’s spokesperson, Frank Bwalya, went on to accuse President Hichilema of being preoccupied with the possibility of losing power to his predecessor, citing the President’s recent public comments as evidence.

“In fact, Mr. Hichilema’s public comments recently expose his preoccupation with the possibility of losing power to his predecessor,” Bwalya said.

Bwalya also criticized President Hichilema for his recent speech at the Labour Day commemoration in Lusaka, which he claimed focused more on the previous ruling party than on the issues affecting the Zambian people.

“This was confirmed by his action to spend more time talking about the previous ruling party than labour issues in his speech at the Labour Day commemoration in Lusaka on Monday,” Bwalya said.

The Socialist Party spokesperson also took issue with President Hichilema’s alleged abuse of the police, arguing that it would undermine their professionalism and compromise their integrity.

“We wish to advise President Hichilema to stop abusing the security wings because it would undermine their integrity and compromise their professionalism apart from making Zambia a laughing stock,” Bwalya said.

In conclusion, the Socialist Party called on President Hichilema to focus on addressing the issues affecting the Zambian people, such as the high cost of living and lack of jobs.

“Finally, and importantly, we continue to demand that Mr. Hichilema concentrate on fixing the economy and bettering the lives of Zambians. He should not forget that Zambians did not vote for him to fix somebody but the problems causing the cost of living to rise and lack of jobs, to mention but a few,” the statement read.


  1. HH is doing the same blunder that other ruling parties have made in Zambia. Uniting the opposition against him. Creating sympathisers for Lungu who werent there in the first place. They will all gang up and HH will be a one term president

  2. Something that has never happened in the history of this country. Very unfortunate ba under five.

  3. I foresee Ba Para pick up a fight Zambia like in Sudan. ZP have no leadership at all. You can’t use all those resources to go 1 stolen car.

  4. Frank Bwalya and the Socialist Party have become the unauthorised representatives of opposition political parties? There is a reason why the PF has not officially condemned the police action — we are a country of laws and the police have a duty to investigate any alleged crime or misdemeanour without fear or favour.

    • The Police dont have a duty to interfere with civil cases. Unless summoned by the courts- not the government

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