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Former President Edgar Lungu Challenged to tell the Nation Whether he has retired or not from Active Politics


Copperbelt-based Good Governance activist Peter Mulenga has challenged former President Edgar Lungu to clearly tell the nation whether or not he has retired from politics.

And Mr. Mulenga has condemned the storming of Mr. Lungu’s Lusaka residence by scores of uniformed police on Wednesday morning.

He said Mr. Lungu was a good man who is being misled over the issue of returning to politics by some few people surrounding him.

Mr. Mulenga said the sixth republican president has never publicly spoken about returning to politics contrary to what is being portrayed by some of his supporters.

“It’s written all over that former President Edgar Changwa Lungu is being misled by some ‘power hungry’ party officials. I know Edgar Changwa Lungu as a good man, but he is being misled by some few people who have surrounded him. The endorsement being made all over by boot lickers do not mean well for the Zambian public at large. The endorsements were unconstitutional. The current endorsements of Edgar Changwa Lungu are questionable. Dr Edgar Changwa Lungu has never spoken about it, and it’s like they are forcing him. He has told us on a number of occasions that he had retired, so am calling upon Edgar Changwa Lungu to come out clear on his position,” Mr. Mulenga said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulenga said the former president needs to enjoy his retirement in peace.

He said the storming of Mr. Lungu’s residence by police was embarrassing to President Hakainde Hichilema and the country at large.

“But again the events of today where the police storm his residence should be condemned; it has no place in this country. And in my opinion, this is why he has been forced to return in 2026 for revenge only. Mr President sir, as commander in chief please you need to look at this very seriously otherwise the witch hunt issues in Zambia of former presidents will also catch up with you sir. Former presidents need to enjoy their retirement in peace. Also let’s be reminded that Zambia is a democracy and people are free to express themselves, however they should be limited to their freedoms. One cannot be insulting the president in the name of democracy. What happened today is embarrassing to the President and the country at large. Most of the police officers have studied law, and I should believe that they know that Mr Lungu enjoys immunity.

The question is, was today’s event a quest to embarrass the former President or a political game instigated by the UPND? The Bible says; never take your own revenge. In Deuteronomy 32:35.Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, in due time their foot will slip; for the day of their calamity is near, and the impending things are hastening upon them. I leave the country to Judge. I submit,” Mr. Mulenga stated.

Meanwhile, social commentator Isaac Mwendela Nsoneka says the trend of harassing former Presidents in Zambia won’t end.

“Constitutionally each individual has got the right and Privilege to occupy and hold the office of President of the republic of Zambia for a period of 10 years which they can decide to cut short and serve for one term of 5 years but never to prolong the 10 years period to 15 or any other number of years that is not 10 years which is split into 2 terms, so the time to stop working from state house and lining up police officers on Mosi O’Tunya road is coming for President Hakainde Hichilema. Whenever that time comes, it will be very interesting to see who in UPND will stand with Mr Hichilema as has been the case with Dr Lungu whose house seems to now be more of a community one than any other. In all this remember that the days of subserviced loyalty are long gone, the people will only come to your aid if you once or twice aided them or even still do. How will the Membership remember Mr Hakainde? So it doesn’t seem like many would have fond memories if the end were today or tomorrow going by the recent outbursts from UPND members for lack of a proper reward system,” Mr. Nsoneka said.


  1. From selling salaula to k400000sure some families are criminals can you imagine instead of keeping up that money decided to give the niece and I’m told that all the bedrooms are full of money.

  2. You will not anything of sense from drunken Lazy Lungu’s mouth even if you asked him point blank.

  3. Ba Mulenga you should even feel ashemed of yourself and this purely shows you are pro Lungu.The story here is why raiding the house of the former President like that,does the serch wallant allow breaking of the premises?mmmmm isoni ebuntu mwikatulwisha abana banono twapapata.so to my bro Mulenga be pro active.

  4. Ba Peter Mulenga don’t you have anything else to do than wasting time on someone who is more comfortable than you? Just go to ShopRite before the mealie meal is finished.
    Whether he stands it’s his personal embarrassment.

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