Tuesday, June 18, 2024

President Hichilema meets with South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-Soo


President Hakainde Hichilema recently met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of South Korea, Mr Han Duck-Soo, after the coronation of King Charles III in London. President Hichilema expressed his interest in learning from South Korea’s successful transformation into a high-income country in a short period of time. He believes that Zambia can benefit greatly from South Korea’s experience and expertise in areas such as technology, mechanisation, and minerals exploration.

During their meeting, President Hichilema and Prime Minister Han discussed the possibility of creating a centre for production, processing, and trade that would complement Zambia’s value addition agenda. They believe that this centre would be beneficial for both countries and would create opportunities for mutual cooperation.

President Hichilema emphasized the importance of private-public partnerships and expressed his optimism that these partnerships would lead to mutual benefits. He believes that such partnerships would create opportunities for Zambian citizens to position themselves for the economic benefits that are being created.

President Hichilema also highlighted the importance of Zambia’s democratic credentials. He noted that Zambia and South Korea recently co-hosted the Democracy Summit, where South Korea recognized Zambia’s efforts in turning around its country and promoting democracy. President Hichilema urged Zambian citizens to position themselves for the opportunities that are being created .


  1. There is nothing special about meeting South Korean president because South Korea is a puppet of America.

    The trip has been condemned country wide so kubepesha meeting Korean president.

    • Yeah he wasnt visible at his master’s coronation so he has to explain what he did in London

  2. Great job Mr. President AKA HH, continue being a great salesman for as long as it will reduce unemployment for college and noncollege citizens. God Bless you and the nation of Zambia.

    • I remember how PF sycophants used cheer Lungu even when he said something senseless. I remember how they tried hard to justify the UUBOMBA MWIBALA statement. Oh praise singers.!

    • Great job Mr. President AKA HH, continue begging for as long as it will keep Zambia in the HIPC category.

  3. …..

    Well done Mr president………

    S Korea is up there with the best of them in all fields…………

    However ……….

    Zambia can not emulate the Asian giants while persuring a western education system……….

    The Zambian education system must copy the far Asian model were indoctrination to hard work, respect and partonisim to country are taught from a very young age……

    Africa has perused this western education system , and it is not working..

  4. He has to go and beg for help. The Koreans might obey orders from Joe Bidn and Kamala and give us some help so we dont rely too much on China

  5. Koreans have made their country an export and economic powerhouse .What has Zambia done with its nationhood apart from poverty,underdevelopment and indebtedness ?

    • They used their own model not this copycat way we do our thing… you want to be like the USA today, tomorrow you want to go the UK style.

    • Dont ignore China! In 1949 it was one of the world’s poorest countries, Fast Forward to 2023 and its the world’s number two economy and about to overtake the USA. All this time we have been sleeping


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