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Zambia is ready for business – President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia is ready for business hence the country is creating strong institutions that support an enabling environment for investment.

President Hichilema says government is committed to carrying out reforms that encourage economic growth and that it is fully aware of what needs to be done in order to drive the country’s economy.

ZANIS reports that the President said government will continue to do more in a bid to turn around the country’s economic fortunes.

Mr Hichilema stated his administration is keen to work with the private sector and improve the well being of the Zambian people.

The Head of State said this during the Zambia Investment Forum held in London today.

And Minister of Finance Situmbeko Musokotwane has implored the business community in London to help the government in pushing for debt relief.

Mr Musokotwane said government has done its part hence the call to push for debt relief from the creditors.

He revealed that government has met all the requirements asked by the creditors and wondered why the delay in offering the debt relief.

Mr Musokotwane said government wants to see more and more investment in the country as this will help to create the much-needed jobs and reduce poverty.

He insisted that the government has created a conducive environment good for both local and foreign investors.

And Invest Africa Chief Executive Officer Karen Taylor said the organization is happy with the stride’s government has taken to ensure that Zambia becomes a destination for investment.

Ms Taylor stressed that Invest Africa will endeavour to market Zambia as a preferred investment destination.

She commended the government for the institutional reforms it has made so as to create an enabling environment for foreign direct investment.

Ms Taylor said the political will from the government places Zambia as a choice of investment.

She said Invest Africa will prioritise the marketing of Zambia with a view to woo more investment in the country.


  1. Zambia has always been ready for investment. That’s why we have mines like Kansanshi, Kalumbila, Lumwana, Munali Nickel with others in other parts of the country. What has been lacking is monitoring these companies so that the country benefits too. Unfortunately this lack of monitoring has become official policy.

    • Iwe…….. chabiso……….

      When was zambia always ready for business when PF caders were beating police officers ???

  2. With all due respect, you are trying to play premiership football with only 1 team player who happens to have two left legs. To play in this league, you first need to build a team and the supporting infrastructure around you. Get all the home fans on board not just the shareholders whose job is to look at the bottom line at the expense of the fan base. The fans, who also happen to be the club owners look for a good manager with great skills and a seasoned winner not a smooth talker.

  3. Zambia has always been ready for business SURE
    But investors are more concerned about the government in place before investing
    There is a difference some dont understand

    • All governments have done the right thing… our KK built industries which would have thrived to high heights by now. It’s folly to expect a foreigner to develop your country like your president is thinking. It cannot happen. The DRC is being milked to the bone and you call that investment.

    • For your information our KK established companies which partnered with countries like Italy, Japan, Australia and others. This is just in case you brand him a communist. So you think your man is a star? If he were, that IMF thing would have taken only seven days to be approved.

  4. HH thinks meeting other nations leaders is a great achievement…I think he is busy framing all these pictures….see how he gets excited whenever he is given a chance for a photo op with Bazungu Presidents…we have a typical house negroeeee as a President….inferiority complex

  5. Just go back to Zambia solve current problems and stop wasting taxpayers money!!! Nobody wants you here! Atase!!!

  6. We give HH a chance so far so good, the path is the way, the way is the journey, without the path there is no destination, so far even with the hiccups we are on the right path… Key areas to look at however, the Zambian civil service is too bloated and inefficient hence the huge wage bill we are faced with, informal sector needs a serious push start, we need the formation of tax free zones to promote manufacturing in some areas of Zambia, agriculture exports must be encouraged, as well as export of skilled labour to increase forex remittances back home, ZCCM needs more support to capture key mineral wealth of the nation.

    • 2020vision

      Welcome to looking at things based on performance and not tribe or political party………….

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