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FAZ Gives Guidelines To Organizers of Barca Legends vs 2012 Zambia Match see


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) says organisers of the May 25, 2023, match involving Chipolopolo legends from 2012 Africa Cup squad and Barcelona should follow procedure.

FAZ acting General Secretary Iva Lengwe has further told Kings of Africa who are the organisers of the match that they could not legally use the famous Nike jersey Zambia used at the 2012 Afcon for the social game as it would constitute an illegality.

According to FAZ spokesperson Sydney Mungala, Kings of Africa paid a courtesy on Lengwe on Thursday afternoon.

“Kings of Africa management paid a courtesy call on FAZ, and the FAZ management took the liberty to guide them on some areas concerning the organization of matches world over. FAZ guided the organizers that they could not legally use the Nike jersey for the game as it would constitute an illegality,” told FAZ Super Lengwe.

“Following the termination of the contract by Nike with Zambia in August 2014 it remains illegal for any Zambian team to don the Nike jersey for any match. Donning the Nike jersey with a FAZ logo would attract sanctions from Nike that would be directed at FAZ.”

He adds; “It would also be illegal for anyone to sale such a jersey to the public as it is a violation of the law. All goods bearing the FAZ logo are a preserve of FAZ as the FAZ logo is registered as a trademark.”

Lengwe says, “Anyone found retailing the Nike Jersey with the FAZ logo will be subject to prosecution as has been the case in the past. Members of the public are guided accordingly.”

Lengwe said the Kings of Africa management were exploring the possibility of using the KoPa kit for their match on May 25.

“It remains the FAZ responsibility to organize international football matches in Zambia as mandated by FIFA,” he said.

Lengwe reaffirmed that FAZ was not against the match but only wished that the organization be done in accordance with accepted practices in the game.


  1. Why are you FAZ guys picking quarrels over a dead rubber game? Is this game exposing how irrelevant you have become? The no silverware FAZ, experts in boring fans, It takes them ten attempts to qualify for AFCON. Its the HH habit, Arrive then do nothing


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