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It’s illegal for any Zambian team to wear the Nike Jersey -FAZ


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) recently provided guidance to the organizers of a match between legends from the 2012 Africa Cup squad and Barcelona, scheduled for May 25, 2023. The organizers, known as Kings of Africa, visited FAZ’s headquarters to discuss various matters regarding the event.

During the courtesy call, FAZ’s acting General Secretary, Iva Lengwe, engaged in discussions with Kings of Africa and sought clarification on certain issues. One significant point of discussion involved the use of the Nike jersey for the match. Lengwe emphasized that it would be illegal for the organizers to utilize the Nike jersey, as it would violate the terms of the terminated contract between Nike and Zambia in August 2014. Wearing the Nike jersey with the FAZ logo would attract sanctions from Nike, which would be directed at FAZ. Additionally, selling such a jersey to the public would be considered a violation of the law, as all goods bearing the FAZ logo are the exclusive property of FAZ, as it is a registered trademark.

Lengwe emphasized that anyone found retailing the Nike jersey with the FAZ logo would face prosecution, as has occurred in the past. The public was urged to take note of this information and act accordingly.

Regarding the match itself, Lengwe reaffirmed FAZ’s responsibility to organize international football matches in Zambia as mandated by FIFA. FAZ expressed its support for the event but stressed the importance of ensuring that the organization adheres to accepted practices within the game.

This update was provided by Sydney Mungala, the Communications Manager of the Football Association of Zambia, on behalf of FAZ.


  1. What’s going on between the organizers of the match and FAZ? It’s becoming toxic and has reached a level where the good game of football might suffer. Bena Kalu lekeni fyo mulecita!!

  2. Zambia chabe. This is a golden opportunity to advertise our country. We only know that Ronaldo is part of the legends but none of our journalists have bothered to ask who else is coming. We don’t have that information.
    The ministry of tourism needs to reach out to the players so they can advertise on their social media but no. It’s silent and the only news is that we shouldn’t use Nike.

    • Chiza Chirwa – You know nothing about merchandising …Nike dont sponsor national kit and FAZ is not even aware of this event just people wanting to make a quick buck like Great Galu who will only do anything if he is robbing from you.

    • I do know about intellectual property. My concern is that no journalists have bothered to tell us which of the Barcelona legends other than Eto and Ronaldo are coming.

  3. Great Galu at it again…FAZ should sue them these people want to make money where they have no merchandise rights to do it. Please just take them to court

    • When Nike dissociated themselves from FAZ, their products can never be used by Football House. How can they sue Nike? Which rule have they abrogated? Even Galu will laugh off such ignorance.
      A t-shirt with a Nike/Faz sign belong to both parties, but can’t be used by either one without permission from another.

    • Mulongoti Machayi – And you think both parties are aware of this jersey? The Great Galu Admin had a habit of bankrolling replica and contefit manufacturing of kits from China this is one of the reasons Nike pulled out and others are put off sposoring the national team.

  4. Some people are daft ..look at those ministers in the picture they didnt even think twice taking photps with a jersey that is not offical national football kit.

  5. A jersey depicting a Faz emblem alongside the Nike trademark is not the Chipolopolo official attire. Intellectual property must be protected. Don’t bring in Kalushya Bwalya in this armophous baseless talk.
    FAZ is a respectable body that must respect international orderliness.

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