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Government committed to clearing off waste – Nkombo


Government says it is committed to addressing challenges emanating from indiscriminate disposal of waste.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Gary Nkombo says government will continue to engage all stakeholders in order to foster effective collaboration for greater impact in addressing solid waste management issues in settlements.

He said this when he officiated at the public awareness raising campaign to promote environmental stewardship at City Market in Lusaka.

Mr Nkombo said there is need for more collaboration and effort to keep the environment clean and safe.

He reminded the marketeers and other stakeholders to dialogue with his office on how to make settlements clean, healthy and safe.

The Minister stated that City Market and Central business district of Lusaka are expected to be among the cleanest places in the country to promote domestic trade and tourism as they are situated in Zambia’s capital city.

“Let us not relent in our efforts to clean our environment keeping in mind that we can achieve a clean and healthy Zambia when we work together,” he said.

Mr Nkombo further urged the street vendors to move to the main markets which still have enough space to accommodate everyone.

The Minister also advised the marketeers who are already trading inside the market to continue trading from there and be patient as government will soon find a lasting solution to street vending.

And an environmental activist Jacob Mutambo said keeping the environment safe is everyone’s responsibility as it affects all.

Mr Mutambo urged marketeers to make use of the public bins placed in designated points around the market.

He further called on them to practice good hygiene even at a personal level.

The Minister who was accompanied by his Permanent Secretary Administration Mambo Hamaundu also took time to interact and inspect the market.


  1. I thought you guys were different. Surely, you failed to find a solution on garbage in Lusaka? The confusion in town is disgusting. We do not want stories bwana Nkombo. You need to find a solution to the nonsense in town.

    • The Kachasu man knows zilch about garbage control. Go check his constituency in Mazabuka. There’s heaps and heaps of uncollected garbage everywhere. All he pays attention to is his tie and jacket and polished shoes while his people are in filth

  2. @ i love Zambia
    My thoughts too..I thought UPND had solutions to most of the challenges but it turns out it’s just a continuation from where PF left from…2023…60 years after independence and we are failing to keep our surroundings clean….ARE WE NORMAL…???

  3. for as long as the high poverty persist in Zambia forget about managing waste.
    The only way the UPND or any other government can tackle the waste problem, street vending etc is to drastically reduce the high poverty levels.
    The waste is generated by the people themselves. They care less . Just look at the environments they live in. For example in Lusaka Chiboyla, Kanyama, Mtendere, Matero, Marapodi, Ngombe, Bauleni etc

  4. ‘it is an exercise in futility once elected and sworn in at 8 hours by 11 hours bulldozers will be in forest 27…” we still waiting….

  5. Do you want to blame garbage on Mr.Nkombo? Let me remind you something, In Zambia, we don’t have a culture of cleanliness. This culture starts at a young age. The majority of Zambians unfortunately have grown up in garbage and so they see garbage as normal.
    I have suggested on several social media that we need to Introduce the basics of Environmental subjects in primary schools.

    • He is the local government minister. He is in government. Whoever is in government has the responsibility to bring about order even if he didnt cause the disorder.

  6. They are just busy at talking these Zambian politicians…go and visit other councils around the world..they generate revenue from garbage; Plastic wastes can be converted into target fuels by adjusting cracking of chemical bonds. Wastes like rotten fruits can be used to produce biogas!

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