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Pipeline Rupture at Swaya Results in Spillage of 1 Million Litres of Diesel Destined for Zambia, Tazama Reports


Tazama Pipelines Limited, the joint venture between the governments of Zambia and Tanzania, has reported a significant pipeline rupture at KM 839 near M.U.S.T. Iyunga Mbeya, resulting in the spillage of approximately 1 million litres of Low Sulphur Gasoil (LSG). The incident occurred on May 15th, 2023, when a contractor, working on behalf of Tarura, accidentally damaged the pipeline while carrying out road works.

Tazama Pipelines Limited operates a 1,710 km pipeline, transporting finished products from the port of Dar es Salaam to the receiving terminal in Ndola, Zambia. The company owns a tank farm in Tanzania with a storage capacity of 231,000,000 litres and several booster pumping stations strategically located along the pipeline.

Upon noticing an abnormal pressure drop downstream of the pipeline at approximately 13:10 hrs, the operator on duty initiated a line survey and subsequently received a call from the Swaya ward councillor at 13:40 hrs, informing them about the rupture. Tazama’s emergency response team was immediately dispatched to the site, and all necessary measures, such as isolating the affected section by closing valves at KM 799 and KM 856 Songwe, were implemented.

Upon arrival at the scene at around 14:30 hrs, the response team assessed the situation and began containment procedures. Due to the extensive damage caused by the motor grader blade, which created a large hole in the pipeline, additional machinery and equipment were requested from Tazama’s regional office in Dar es Salaam to facilitate repairs. As of now, the team and the required equipment are en route to the site.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the incident has resulted in the loss of approximately 1 million litres of LSG. The costs associated with the repairs, including the mobilization of manpower and equipment, supervisory and administrative expenses, and environmental cleanup, will be determined once the repairs are completed. Additionally, the financial impact of the idle time and loss of business caused by the incident will be calculated.

Tazama Pipelines Limited expects that operations will resume within two days upon the completion of repair works and environmental remediation. It is worth noting that the pipeline’s right-of-way is well-marked, but it appears that the contractor neglected the markings during the road construction activities.

The company assures the public that it is fully committed to addressing the situation promptly and minimizing any further environmental impact. Tazama Pipelines Limited will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident to prevent such occurrences in the future.


  1. This will be a daily occurrence. If you want to reduce the price of fuel install tanks on the Tazara trains. Using a pipe line is the most unthinkable method. Our fathers were not dull to pipe crude instead of finished product.

  2. We warned these people about conventing that pipeline to pump refined fuels…this will be a million dollar business just like in Nigeria. Just wait it the local people around the area find out what is in there is highly valuable and easy to exchange for cash.

  3. Life under upnd. Nothing is working under thus useless government. Because of this spillage my oil businesses have lost over 120,000 usd

  4. I do remember this song , the opposition kept on warning this government of the dangers of moving finished oil products through a pipeline which runs hundreds of miles and un guarded this time it can be a mare accident , but many more times it will be thieves taking their chance to siphon this rare commodity .
    the problem with this government is that they are so careless in the way they are running this government, and have no principals to say the least they do not to know how to work, really in all areas of the Zambian economy .

  5. The people tasked with maintenance of that section of the pipeline were sleeping. They deserve to be fired. This is pure negligence.

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