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UPND Supports Pending Police Clean-up Exercise to Restore Law and Order


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has expressed its support for the planned police clean-up exercise announced by Inspector General of Police, Graphel Musamba. In a statement issued by Ruth Dante Heaton, the UPND Media Director, the party welcomed the move, stating that it comes at a crucial time when the UPND-led government is working tirelessly to restore law and order in the country.

Ms. Ruth Dante Heaton, the UPND Media Director, emphasized the significance of the pending police clean-up exercise and its alignment with the party’s core principles. She stated, “As a party that ascended to office on a strong principle of ending graft, political violence, or otherwise, we are of the view that such a move, once fully implemented, would greatly help reduce crime especially with the influx of junkies in most of Zambia’s shanty towns.”

The party recognizes the potential impact of the clean-up exercise on public confidence in the police force, particularly in light of past human rights abuses. Ms. Heaton remarked, “This will also retain the nearly lost public confidence in the police service owing to the numerous human rights abuses recorded in the past. Lost public confidence is a danger to the fight against crime.”

In discussing the re-orientation of political cadres within the police service, Ms. Heaton expressed optimism about the positive changes it could bring. She stated, “Much to this, is the planned re-orientation of political cadres in the Service ‘to try and change the mindset of some political party cadres who were employed as officers’. This, we believe, will greatly enhance service delivery in the Police as the men and women in uniform effectively carry out their duties of maintaining law and order and protecting life and property.”

The UPND places a strong emphasis on the importance of upholding human rights in law enforcement. Ms. Heaton highlighted this, saying, “It is also true that having a Police Service that is well-schooled in understanding matters of human rights is critical in ensuring that liberties of individual citizens are guaranteed and protected.”

Ms. Heaton further criticized the previous government’s employment of political cadres within the police service, attributing it to a lack of political will. She remarked, “The admission that the Police Service has cadres employed by the previous Government is an indictment on the part of the PF regime. This, too, is an indication that there was no political will during the PF rule. The infusion of cadres in the service is what exacerbated the rise in human rights abuses, violence, and corruption by the men and women in uniform.”

In conclusion, Ms. Heaton called upon the general citizenry to actively support the police in combating crime within their communities. She emphasized the importance of reporting criminal activities, stating, “That stated, it remains the responsibility of the general citizenry to ensure they help the Police to stamp out criminality in their communities by ensuring they report criminal activities.”

The planned police clean-up exercise has received the backing of the UPND, whose Media Director, Ms. Ruth Dante Heaton, believes it will contribute to the restoration of law and order, reduce crime, and rebuild public confidence in the police service. The party also highlights the importance of re-orienting political cadres within the police force and educating officers on human rights principles. With the collective efforts of the government, police, and citizens, it is hoped that Zambia can move closer to a safer and more just society.


    • In PF we had political violence.It was Kalimanshi and his boys. Cadres fighting cadres. In UPND we have violence and crime because of economical challenges. We have created JUNKIES who are robbing, raping and stealing from our people. This is more serious! I doubt if this govt has the capacity to stop it. Kajoba tried but did not get the support. Jack Mwiimbu has made a lot empty threats to stop the junkies to no avail. I doubt if the new IG will manage !
      Who are these Junkies? These are dislussioned UPND youths who had high hopes but have bn dissapointed. They have no quallifications to be part of the 30000 recruited teachers and 10000 health workers. They have no capacity and know-how to form cooperatives and let alone wright a business report.

  1. The only way if stopping crime by junkies is by ending their drug addiction (rehabilitation) not throwing them in prison. They’ll never stop crime as long as they’re hooked on drugs

  2. The salient points in this write-up are:
    1. UPND is seriously preparing for the 2026 General Elections so that it will be easier for them to work with the police aligned to their party
    2. UPND govt wants to create employment for their people by recruiting them in the police service, and are growing impatient for non delivery on the promise.

  3. Who told this woman that people employed by the previous governments are not Zambians. Its an open secrety that UPND is just looking room to emply its cadres.

    • Already one province is planning to penalize a church that is reported to be using Icibemba during service.

  4. UPND “Ubututu” all over again!!!! The 4 provinces cannot do this alone ba simbi nyoyebo!!!

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