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President Hakainde Hichilema to address a Press Conference today


President Hakainde Hichilema of the Republic of Zambia will hold a press briefing today, May 18th, at State House in Lusaka. The briefing, scheduled to begin at 10:00 hours, is expected to provide updates on the progress made in revamping Konkola Copper Mines Plc (KCM) and Mopani Copper Mines.

The call for President Hichilema to utilize this press briefing to update the nation on the current situation at the two mines comes from Samuel Banda, the Executive Director of Advocates for National Development and Democracy. Banda emphasizes that the Copperbelt Province is facing significant economic challenges due to issues at KCM and Mopani.

Banda expressed his organization’s expectations regarding the briefing. He called on the President to provide information on the progress made in addressing the impasse between Vedanta Resources Limited and KCM.

“We are expecting the President in his press briefing tomorrow to update the nation on the progress made regarding KCM and Vedanta impasse. We have heard so many assurances from his government, yet there is no action that has been taken,” Banda stated.

The challenges faced by the two mines have had a detrimental impact on the country’s economy, leading to job losses and increased poverty in the region. Banda stressed that KCM and Mopani are strategic assets that can play a significant role in boosting the economy and creating much-needed employment opportunities for local people.

Banda further highlighted the importance of taking advantage of Vedanta Resources’ proposed investment package of US$3 billion and the US$20 million earmarked for corporate social responsibility programs.

In light of these pressing matters, Banda encouraged journalists attending the briefing to seize the opportunity to pose questions related to the progress and plans regarding KCM and Mopani. He emphasized the urgency of addressing these issues to ensure the well-being of the Copperbelt Province and the country as a whole.

The nation eagerly awaits President Hichilema’s address today, anticipating important updates on the efforts undertaken to resolve the challenges facing KCM and Mopani. The press briefing presents an opportunity for the President to provide clarity and reassurance on the government’s commitment to revitalizing these vital mining assets and their potential impact on Zambia’s economy and job market.


    • Stop being judgemental and arrogant.You haven’t even heard what he is going to say..
      Before you bore us, tell how many times adada Lungu held press conferences?

    • @Katana stop using Lungu as a benchmark. He was useless. Unless you want to tell us your president is equally useless

  1. Katana it’s better to be silent than to keep lying.silence is golden if you’re not fulfilling the promises you get it.Get on with the job and let the work speak for it’s self because on the ground things are bad

  2. I expect changes at Finance, Agriculture, Mines, Health, Infrastructure, Tourism, Energy and special duties. If he maintains those people in their positions then he’s wasting our time. I expect pronouncements on KCM, Mopani & Kasenseli gold, apart from the backlog at the Cadastre Department. I don’t expect him to talk about ECL and how he was locked up. I also expect changes at State House, especially his special assistants and advisors

  3. Only f00Iish unemployed poverty stricken d0nkeys who believe in this man’s lies will have time to listen to his rants. I will be busy working on my businesses and creating jobs for our people. Go to hell hh

  4. Reshuffles on the cards:
    1.Chushi Kasanda to go to ministry of health….Masebo community Services Minister.
    2. Musokotwane to replaced by Caleb Fundanga(Nominated MP)
    3. Elvis Nkandu- to go to Luapula as provincial Minister. Elisha Matambo for Lusaka. Luapula province minister to Copperbelt.
    4. Thabo Kawana deputy High Commissioner to India…Chellah Tukuta replace to Kawana.
    6. Felix Mutata….goes to Ministry of Foreign affairs .
    7. Paul Kabuswe ministry of Lands- Muchima to Ministry of Mines.
    8.Collins Mweetwa moves from Southern Province to replace Chushi Kasanda.

  5. Let him go address his stolen cows in monze. Talk and rant to your cows. Press briefings don’t develop a country. That is why we in pf have done more development projects than upnd will ever do

  6. Lecturing ..kikkiki
    We cant trust you Sir….We remember your fake lectures on how to reduce the cost of fuel.

  7. Its all retoric…… retoric …retoric
    Drivers problems – retoric queues from Kasumba lesa to Kitwe.
    Paul Kabuswe said….. next week we will announce ……Retoric
    Fertiliser is on the way….retoric
    Kwacha will improve…..retoric
    Mealie meal will come down- retoric
    No caders in the market – Retoric

  8. You met congolese President in Kinshasa…You met in Addis Ababa… You have this chisekedi several times. No progress on drivers problem….Queues from Kasumab lesa to Kitwe continuing. You are being ignored by the congolese!!!

  9. Kikikii…..Mr President you are lying……Listen to Frank…..there is serious discontent.
    You lied Sir and your lies have come to fruition!! NAPSA 20% is not a solution to our hunger. Its a short term as all the little money will go into buying expensive food.

  10. Imwe ba LT stop giving us banal information. Its called word economy and journalists are supposed to be experts in that section. HH cannot be president of any other country and we your target audience know that. Get an editor who is trained:
    Ati: President Hakainde Hichilema of the Republic of Zambia

  11. Mr. President , you need to put your act together. We do not know what you wanted to communicate to the nation. We did not need your graphs and lectures about the past. We know what Kaunda , chiluba, banda, and Mwanawasa and Lungu did. We know that very well . We did not need a lecture about that. What we need are solutions to the problems the people are facing. Listen to Frank and what he told you…..patience in the country is running out Sir. Your Honey moon is over!!

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