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MDOT23: Of music, arts, culture and a growing international fan base


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Zambian Breweries’ 2023 Mosi Day of Thunder attracts over 9000 local fans and non-native tourists in Livingstone

Without a doubt there’s been a shift in the Zambian perspective with many people turning their focus ‘homeward’ to rediscover the beauty of the land, its culture and all the potential bound up in its people.
Such was the atmosphere and the message that rang true at the 2023 Mosi Day of Thunder (MDOT) music festival hosted by Zambian Breweries Plc in the tourist capital of Livingstone. The festival whose tagline is “Thunder Our Way” celebrates Zambian music and tourism in its own unique local style.
The growth of such platforms, both at home and Africa in general, as the MDOT music festival has helped propel local artists onto the international stage. As Zambia’s largest brewer, Zambian Breweries continues to promote sustainability in the spaces where it has influence through highlighting cultural heritage, promoting arts and local artistes, and encouraging social and economic growth in the areas.
Now in its 6th year, the annual music festival continues to set benchmarks, attracting over 9,000 locals and tourists from the region and all over the world to Livingstone. Foot traffic to the mighty Mosi-oa-Tunya Falls also saw a spike with over 1,000 people visiting the falls using the MDOT ticket tags. This year’s festival further coincided with the four-day holiday that celebrated KK Day and Labour Day giving tourist a chance to delve more into the history and culture of Zambia.
The Minister of Tourism Rodney Sikumba has hailed the wider social economic benefits events like MDOT brought to the table referencing President Hakainde Hichilema’s call to opening up Zambia as a preferred investment and tourist destination.
Boosted tourist traffic, increased business in the transport and hospitality sectors, as well as others were just some of the positive developments arising from the festival. The Minister further implored locals to invest in various business initiatives and infrastructure in order to offer the best to the visiting tourists. He noted that there was no better time to invest in Zambia than now and urged would be investors to take advantage of the investment guide in tourism that The Ministry of Tourism has launched.
Some business owners and residents in Livingstone attested that the music festival has become a highly anticipated event on the calendar.

Bringing People Together for a Better Zambia   
The entertainment was something to speak of as festival goers, including those from neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe, Bostwana, Rwanda, Namibia, Malawi, Norway, Malawi, and South Africa, were treated to thrilling performances from Zambia’s top musicians and DJs that included: Sky Empire, Neo Slayer, Chile One, Xaven, Slap Dee, Chef 187 and Yo Maps, in the spirit of celebrating local talent and recognising the quality of their work that transcends boundaries.
Stakeholders and partners from government, Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), Zambia Police Service (ZPS), The Ministry of Tourism and Arts, National Heritage Commission, Livingstone City Council, Zambeef, Atlas Mara and Coca-Cola all came alongside Zambian Breweries in support of the truly and uniquely Zambian music festival.
Throughout the weeks leading up to the event, during and post event, Zambian Breweries in collaboration with the RTSA and ZPS emphasised the safety of safety goers through various campaigns and messaging that encouraged patrons to enjoy responsibly with both authorities working around the clock at various strategic points in the journey to ensure attendees at the music festival arrived and drove back home safely during the entire long weekend.

Brewing Local Talent for the Global stage 
Zambian Breweries Marketing Manager, Mwila Matoka noted that: ‘MDOT is an innovative music platform’ that is helping to showcase and further amplify local artists to Africa and to the rest of the world.
Although Zambian music is not new to the international scene and the industry has produced legendary acts such as PK Chishala, The Witch and Paul Ngozi – just to name a few, it has grown and evolved over the years to include new sounds and genres as a result of new talent and technology.
Ms Matoka thanked patrons for coming out in numbers to support the festival which is the biggest Zambian music event held annually.
She further pointed out that Zambia can be proud of the Mosi brand and all that it embodies as it was “was inspired by and made with the Zambian consumer in mind.”

What the artists had this to say of MDOT23 
Yo Maps, who closed the set with some of his new music noted that it was amazing to see Zambian Breweries supporting young people: “That’s what keeps us on top, I’m happy they are supporting the Zambian music industry.”
Kopala Hip Hop Maestro Chef 187 stated that it was impressive and encouraging to see local artists step up and they need not always rely on external artists in order to have an event of such magnitude.
“The MDOT festival was beautiful, it is the best and biggest music festival, from sound, to audience, to vibes. Mosi is a brand that gives vibes and also embraces culture,” said the legendary Hip Hop icon, Slap Dee.
Giving local artists a platform is important because they are the storytellers of what’s happening on the ground.
Zambia Association of Musicians Davison Munsanda noted that MDOT is a vital part of the efforts of creating a sturdy and steadfast identity and marketing of Zambian music content to the world. “This is our own and it is truly Zambian.”
He further commended Zambian Breweries, its partners and stakeholders on the efforts put into the event as it spoke to the value placed on the quality, creativity, and musical potential of the artistes, in addition to recognizing the sector as an important contributing factor to the overall economic growth of the country.
Cheers to the next Mosi Day of Thunder!

Pictures from the event


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