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Provide Alternative Solutions to the Tangible achievements of the New Dawn Government-HH


President Hakainde Hichilema has challenged the opposition to provide alternative solutions to the tangible achievements of the New Dawn Government.

President Hichilema on Thursday held a Press Conference at State House in Lusaka at which he addressed issues pertaining to law and order, the economy, cost of living, healthcare, mining, the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and agriculture.

The Head of State said the UPND Government acknowledges the criticism from opposition political parties.

“While we acknowledge the criticism from our colleagues in the opposition, we challenge them to provide alternative solutions to the tangible benefits we have delivered, such as eliminating lawlessness and violence, meal allowances for students, 100% allowances for our armed forces in peacekeeping missions abroad, NAPSA partial withdrawals, marketeer loans, social cash transfers, the increased CDF and the employment of over 41,000 Healthcare workers and Teachers respectively, among many other achievements,” President Hichilema said.

He said ensuring stability by addressing lawlessness in public places and intensifying the fight against corruption were top on the agenda as UPND assumed office.

“We held a lively press briefing to fulfill our commitment of regularly engaging with fellow citizens through the media, to discuss matters affecting our nation in various aspects. During the briefing, we reviewed our progress since assuming government leadership, focusing on law and order, the economy, cost of living, healthcare, mining, the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and agriculture, among other issues.When we assumed government, our top priority was to ensure stability by addressing lawlessness in public places, intensifying the fight against corruption, and establishing the Economic and Financial Crimes Court. We also increased financial support to the judicial system. Recognizing that law and order is fundamental to our economic growth agenda, we have achieved significant improvements in this area,” President Hichilema said.

He added that the Government was aware of the hardships citizens are facing due to the restoration of a collapsed economy.

“Moving forward, we pursued our economic agenda by implementing measures to reduce inflation and stabilize interest and exchange rates. In collaboration with our international partners, we are making progress in the debt restructuring process.We are aware of the hardships our citizens are facing due to the restoration of a collapsed economy. To alleviate these challenges, we have increased social cash transfers, implemented free education for all, introduced partial withdrawals from the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA), reinstated meal allowances for students in public universities, and ensured equitable distribution of enhanced CDF funds to all constituencies in Zambia.We are committed to continuing our engagement with you, our citizens, through future media conferences,” he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition Citizens First (CF) has announced that it will be holding a press briefing to be addressed by party president Mr. Harry Kalaba at the party Secretariat in Lusaka’s Woodlands area.

The theme of the briefing is ; “Enough of the Rhetoric,Here’s the Workable Alternative.”

“The Citizens First is inviting your media house to a presser to be addressed by party president Mr. Harry Kalaba to be held at the party Secretariat in Lusaka’s Woodlands area tomorrow, Friday, 19th May,2023. Time: 09:00 hrs. The theme of the briefing is ; “Enough of the Rhetoric,Here’s the Workable Alternative.” Members of the press are encouraged to observe time,” the CF Media Team announced.


  1. Mr Hichilema is wasting our time. He’s shown us that he’ll continue to be a self-centered incorrigible leader. Which alternatives is he asking for? We the citizens have told him about the underperforming Ministers and other senior officials. Masebo is tearing MoH apart, does he want us to begin to chase her whenever she visits health institutions? Won’t that be anarchy? Can’t he take action to avert disaster? There has been a nationwide cry about the Ministry of Agriculture and there he’s seated like a lame duck. Anger is growing in people. One day he’ll wake up and find that no one listens to him

  2. Hh is an arrogant self aggrandizing childish liar. A whole president wastes a country’s time by going through PowerPoint slides and he calls himself leader. The people Want solutions not talking about pf and ecl. You are now in power based on the unrealistic promises you made. If I were hh sometimes I would just keep quiet. If you have nothing to tell the people,it is best to keep quiet rather than risk talking from your backside. 2026 is coming. Wapya munzi

  3. Please stop talking about Napsa. It’s our money hard earned from our work. You were elected to deliver not to be praised.

  4. You have failed Sir. And Frank put it very well to you. You are darling of the west . Here at home you have lost it. There is hunger and desperation. Cost of living too much. There is no medicines in the hospitals(Your Silvia Masebo ) is not performing. Mealie meal prices are still too high. Fuel cost is still very high. The copperbelt is full of hunger and despair( Elisha matambo) is not telling you the truth. Fire Paul Kabuswe , he has lost credibilty because of lies. Mutolo has been your biggest liability…..a big liar too.
    Chushi Kasanda and Thabo are making your situation eve worse. YOUR ALL TEAM IS FULL OF RHETOLIC and Zambians have lost faith. We still dont know what the whites(West) see in you.
    You need a change of startegy.

  5. Mr. President time to talk about the past is way over. You have blamed and rubbished the PF far enough. We understand what PF did . You promised you will sort out the mess. We do not graphs and press conference to show us. What we need from you are solutions. That why we voted for you. But it seems you are also failing. Your trips abroad have yielded nothing.

  6. The president spends most of his time consolidating his stay in power by devoting limited and extra time fighting political opponents. Kawana, police, ACC and DEC, etc. are too political. What solutions does he want when everything is laid in in-tray basket. Remove those white gloves, so you can freely think straight, sir.

    • Tikki

      The issue is when he is hugging himself. There is so much else than leaves to be desired.
      He doesn’t believe in gambling; he is a hardworker; but he wants to leave matters to chance and expect praises. We expect more from him.

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