Sunday, June 23, 2024

Former Permanent Secretary Arrested and Charged for Abuse of Authority and Non-compliance in Contract Execution


The former Permanent Secretary for Northern Province, Mr. Charles Sipanje has been charged and arrested by the Police Investigations Team. He faces three counts of Abuse of Authority of Office and four counts of Willful Failure to Comply with Applicable Guidelines. These charges are in violation of Section 21(1)(a) and Section 34(2)(b) as read with Section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012, respectively.

The charges stem from Mr. Sipanje’s alleged misconduct in awarding a contract worth K 6,315,507.00 to Mumashi Construction & Suppliers. The contract was for the construction of a 52-bed space hostel in Chilubi District. However, despite the government having fully paid the contract sum, the construction works have not been completed as per the terms of the agreement.

The Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, has announced that the suspect will soon appear in court to face the charges brought against him.


  1. This is now getting too embarrassing for hh and his fellow hateful thugs. They are desperate to find anyone who served in our govt guilty of corruption. They can’t believe it that we were squeaky clean. Stop wasting money kakaIa kobe hh

  2. One is bound to ask why those arrested are only of the previous adminstration or opposition members. A social scientist would say social ills such as corruption do not infect only one grouping of people so if one is fighting bribers, gwila mulomo thieves, they are bound to find culprits in both the opposition and the ruling party. However in Zambia ruling party members are never arrested and imprisoned. This only means this fight against crime is staged. The corrupt are shielded by their party in office. They are busy doing their business as Charles Sipanje is being charged. Not to say Sipanje is innocent

  3. This sounds like a breech of contract, so what happens to the contractor? Isn’t the contractor that’s supposed to be followed for the money? And where is the supervising engineer? These contracts are supervised and payments are only made upon production of a certificate of completion. Why has Sipanie been isolated and charged alone? It’s not possible to facilitate payment of such an amount without other players. It doesn’t make sense. It maybe one of the many senseless arrests that have been made out of spite

  4. Those are valid points you have raised, Ayatollah. If the investigation does not or has not applied itself to those points it’s not up to scratch.

  5. At least, the arrest has scratched someone’s “B0LLS”. Though, soon they will have to acquit or “nolle” him owing to a “loose” case.

  6. Presenting a movie titled: Witchhunt. Starring: HH, Edgar Lungu, and henchmen
    Previously produced by: Edgar C Lungu
    Now Produced by: HH

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