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Fred M’membe Exposes Government’s Failure to Address Critical Drug and Equipment Shortages


Dr. Fred M’membe, the President of Zambia’s Socialist Party, he highlighted the dire situation regarding the critical shortage of drugs and medical equipment in the country’s health centers, clinics, and hospitals. Dr. M’membe expressed deep concern over the government’s failure to provide a truthful and simple explanation for the ongoing shortage, pointing to vested business interests as the root cause.

According to Dr. M’membe, the Zambian government has contradicted itself by claiming that the health sector receives significant resource allocations while simultaneously acknowledging the existence of a crisis. This discrepancy raises questions about the transparency surrounding the reasons behind the shortage.

The Socialist Party President further argued that the shortage is a consequence of indecisiveness within the government regarding the selection of business contracts for drug supply. He highlighted the plight of a local drug supplier that is being forced to lay off workers due to the government’s reluctance to procure drugs from their company. Dr. M’membe claimed that the necessary drugs are available within the country, suggesting that the issue lies in the government’s unwillingness to purchase from certain suppliers.

Dr. M’membe criticized the government’s response to the crisis, labeling it as political posturing and a mere facade. He emphasized that the provision of healthcare services should not be subject to micromanagement, as drug and equipment shortages have severe economic, clinical, and humanistic consequences for patients. The lack of access to essential medications forces patients to bear higher out-of-pocket costs, resulting in increased rates of drug errors, adverse events, and mortality.

The Socialist Party President lamented the current state of Zambia’s health outcomes, noting that the country ranks among the worst globally. He expressed concern over the high maternal and infant mortality rates, emphasizing that every life is valuable and that a caring and compassionate nation should prioritize minimal healthcare for all its citizens.

Dr. M’membe called for the growth of Zambia’s pharmaceutical industry and the establishment of fast-track access to all drugs covered under the Essential Drugs List in order to address the drug shortages and achieve universal health coverage for the population.


  1. Comrade keep educating and showing Zambians how useless upnd and hh are. God must hate Zambia to give it such leadership

  2. This is no different from having your child critically ill and your neighbours’ comes offering you medication to save your child’s life – but you refuse to accept their help because you have some beef or personal grudges with them. Hence, you let your child perish – when the child could have survived. UPND is willing to let poor perish in hospitals at the expense of political-squaring up people they don’t like. . We know some of the medicines are in Zambia right now. THIS IS SATANIC

  3. The problem cited in the “news” article is not new. The bourgeois socialist knows that. The answer may not be as simple as “[Growing] … Zambia’s pharmaceutical industry and the establishment of fast-track access to all drugs covered under the Essential Drugs List in order to address the drug shortages and achieve universal health coverage for the population.” Rather, the government will need to promptly assemble a task force consisting of medical / healthcare local specialists and other relevant stakeholders to discern the causes of the problem and prescribe courses of action to address the problem.

  4. HH called everyone in the medical supply chain corrupt and PF. He does not understand how these contracts work. The only area he will succeed is giving CDF to his cadres and unfortunately he does not even understand government procurement process that has limits how much a councils can spend.

  5. HH refused to buy ARVs in 2022 till he was paid 10%. Many HIV patients died and HIV prealence in schools has increased because of his greed for money. He had to eat a humble pie as ARVs suppliers refused to tow his satanic line.

  6. Fred is one hell of a “Dr.” This is a man who wants to experiment on Zambia’s job creation efforts through the promotion of peasant farming. He must have just woken up from a hundred years of hibernation and does not know how the same experiment in the former Soviet Union failed miserably and cost million of lives.

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