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Concerns Raised Over President Hichilema’s Neglect of Mining Industry, Hachipuka Calls for Action


Emmanuel Hachipuka has voiced his concerns regarding President Hichilema’s approach to governance in Zambia, particularly focusing on the mining sector and the utilization of allocated funds.

Reflecting on past African leaders, Hachipuka draws a parallel with the late President Mugabe’s land reforms in Zimbabwe and their adverse impact on the economy. He critiques the methods employed, arguing that they were harsh towards the white population, many of whom were born in Zimbabwe. Hachipuka points out that the consequences were not limited to international sanctions but also encompassed the mass exodus of skilled laborers, contributing to the economic downturn and the loss of Zimbabwe’s status as a regional food basket.

Shifting the focus to Zambia’s current political landscape, Hachipuka acknowledges President Hichilema’s rise to power based on his education, intelligence, and the popularity of the UPND party. However, he emphasizes that the president should recognize that the country’s direction should be determined collectively by the majority of Zambians.

Hachipuka states, “Whatever Hichilema does, he must remember that the country is not his alone but the majority shall decide the country’s direction.” He further adds, “No individual shall be regarded as God in this Republic.”

Mr Hachipuka urged President Hichilema to be more receptive to public opinion and to consider the viewpoints of various segments of society, including the church. He cautions against surrounding himself with “yes bwanas” and highlights the dwindling time for effective governance.

“Time is running out,” warns Hachipuka. “He should desist from surrounding himself with ‘yes bwanas.’ For example, the most important aspect of our lives is the Mining Industry, which he has put at the back of an envelope. The Copperbelt is more important than anything else to all Zambians and is bigger than life.”

Expressing concerns about the president’s debt restructuring approach, Hachipuka questions the consultants advising President Hichilema, referring to the successful debt cancellation under President Levy Mwanawasa and Magande’s leadership.

Hachipuka raises additional concerns, pointing to the allocation of funds meant for debt service on programs like the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). He demands transparency and accountability, urging an explanation for the use of these funds.

He stresses, “We are appearing to have money for CDF and many more because we are not servicing debt. We are postponing the doomsday.”

As the country approaches the next elections, Hachipuka emphasizes the urgency of addressing these concerns and taking necessary actions to safeguard Zambia’s economy and the welfare of its people.

“It is not only HH that can decide the country’s direction alone,” Hachipuka asserts. “Whatever he does, he must remember that the country is not his alone but the majority shall decide the country’s direction. At every election, the majority Zambians will decide through an Election.”

Hachipuka concludes by posing a thought-provoking question, suggesting that President Hichilema may be unduly influenced by local and foreign sponsors, which could impair his ability to foresee the potential consequences of his actions.

“With all of this said, is HH so enveloped/held hostage by our sponsors which could include outsiders and the team around him such that they cannot see the impact of what is ahead of us?” questions Hachipuka.


  1. Very valid points by Mr Hachipuka, the challenge is those around the President are not giving him a clear picture of the situation on the ground…the CDF funds being disbursed would better be utilized on either servicing the debt or entirely on improving our roads. And the delay in getting KCM & Mopani up and running is affecting the entire economy.

    My advice is to get a better level headed understanding there is need to meet with objective leaders in the opposition and other stake holders such as Mr Hachipuka, Socialist Party leader Fred Mmembe, Political and Economic analysts such as Mwansa Chalwe Snr, She Shuwa She Shuwa and Lubinda Habazooka just to mention a few.

  2. Ctn…

    The challenge I know the President is facing is there are just too many voices of advice in his ear with everyone advising this or that but the time to act is now, if we don’t we stand to really be hit hard in the economy in the next few months and may never recover.

  3. What can one add? He’s spoken as a true red and founder member of the UPND. Things have changed and it’s very clear that what’s being implemented and the way it’s being done isn’t the original UPND’s agenda. It’s been hijacked by selfish interests and that’s why the spirit of consultation doesn’t exist. It’s one superman at the top and praise singers below

  4. Upnd has failed. When I told you not to trust them before elections, people called me all sorts of names. Today I have been vindicated. Many people are calling me and saying kaizar we are very sorry for not believing you. They now want us back in power. I advise you to wait for 2026 and do the needful. We will be back to save and serve the nation. Zikomo

  5. The Catholic Church worked very hard for debt cancellation. Unfortunately Mr Hakainde has taken on the Catholics for voicing their concerns on the status of the nation.

  6. Does UPND ever speak from within? Won’t they trash this as work of a disgruntled frail man the way Mpundu and Salangeta are labeled? Are they not used to praises and stifling independent thoughts? I hope this advice is welcome to our stubborn leaders.

  7. One of them has awaken up and realized that worshiping Hichilema is leading the country to destruction. The reason HH has grown cold feet over the mines is simple. During his over 20 years in opposition, he got sponsorship from several mining giants promising them the same mines. Now he cannot pick which mine to give to which giant because the other giant will protest. And again, handing out public resources is not as simple as giving out candy. He managed during privatization but today people are more alert than those days he handed out public companies for a song.

  8. Our today’s leadership has much to be desired nd for the fact that they want always to praised, or self praise themselves no divergent views then the problem is there. The govt. need to understand that he who thinks has done a lot and takes the all century to explain what he has done, jxt know that he has done nothing. They shld not also not think that they ve the monopoly of authority they shld learn to listen nd appreciate other views. Otherwise 2026 is much closer than they think.

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