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Chief Justice of England Visits Zambia to Strengthen Judicial Relations


The Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Burnett of Maldon, is scheduled to arrive in Zambia on May 31, 2023, for a two-day visit. This visit, according to a media statement released by British High Commission Communication Specialist Jonathan Siame, aims to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the judicial systems of the United Kingdom (UK) and Zambia.

Mr. Siame emphasized that the visit holds significance not only for the bilateral ties between the two countries but also for the Commonwealth as a whole. The Lord Chief Justice’s agenda includes discussions on a wide range of important regional and local legal issues, with a particular focus on training in the rule of law for members of the judiciary.

British High Commissioner to Zambia, Nicholas Woolley, expressed his delight at the visit, stating that it reflects the deepening partnership between Zambia and the United Kingdom. He highlighted the recent events, such as President Hakainde Hichilema’s visit to the UK for the Coronation of King Charles III and UK Minister for Development Andrew Mitchell’s visit to Lusaka, which further strengthened the relationship between the two countries. Woolley emphasized that the Chief Justice’s visit would not only reinforce the existing strong ties but also pave the way for future collaborations.

During his visit, Lord Burnett will meet with the Minister of Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, a District Child Justice Committee, the Law Association of Zambia, and representatives from civil society. These meetings will primarily focus on strengthening the rule of law and advancing areas of mutual interest, such as the Zambian Judicial College, which has received support from the Judicial Office of England.

In addition to Zambia, Lord Burnett will also visit Kenya and Malawi during his time in Africa. This demonstrates the importance placed on engaging with multiple nations in the region to foster cooperation and exchange on legal matters.

The Chief Justice’s visit to Zambia signifies the commitment of the United Kingdom to promote the rule of law and support the development of the Zambian judiciary. It underscores the shared values and common objectives between the UK and Zambia, as well as the broader Commonwealth community.


  1. Never in the history of zambia have we had an imperialist who c0l0nized Africans visit an African country to influence our judicial systems. This is a sign of how controlled this boy hh is. Funded by gays, controlled by the whlte man.

    • The fact that we hold the past to influence our actions is what deteriorates our success. From my perspective, I believe this visit will uphold to a huge significance, not realising the importance of strengthening the Rule of Law will not only imbalance our legal system but also make people lose the efficacy of our courts.

      I stand on firm premise as I applaud this wonderful move. The past is what should make us work for the changes, not focusing on the negative side. Given that our nation is among the third world nations, we seek to employ such collaborations.

  2. Owee! We are now in trouble from our Judiciary. For they shall point at him and tell us “see the muzungu? He is still wearing that wig and you want us to drop it? Kulibe”
    I just hope they also copy his independence-from his Prime Minister. You see he can make rulings that are against the British Prime Minister. Amazing eh?? Ba Mumba Malila? Bo Hamaundu Can we follow in those footsteps?

  3. The London Judgement against pikinini failed to be registered in Zambia. Victims of pollution by Vedanta are still struggling to enforce the British Judgement and some cry that their mzungu lawyers swindled them out of their money. Are these the matters he’s come to tackle?

  4. Finally we can see the strengthening of the rule of law in this country & corruption the cancer in our society should be punished strongly. Good to see Zambia strive to follow developed judicial systems like that if the United Kingdom. A breath of fresh air in this our country finally not the holigalism we saw in the past 10 years.

    • Fighting corruption is mainly in speeches its a different matter in reality go NW Province its the same story only the cadres have changed hands from PF to UPND where Gold is being looted straight into pockets

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