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Jewel of Africa, Higer donate to Copper Queens



Jewel of Africa has donated US$5,000 as part of its support to the Copper Queens FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 journey.
The tournament will run from July 20 to August 20 this year.
Jewel of Africa designed a football necklace with a 71.62ct Zambian Black Tourmaline (Schorl), wrapped in a dome-shaped outer shell in Zambian 95 percent pure silver.
Schorl is well-known for its natural healing properties, such as blocking electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and boosting metabolism, thereby enhancing performance.
The necklace was bought by Higer Bus Zambia Limited following an auction at a gala dinner last week.
Jewel of Africa chief executive officer Rashmi Sharma said her company is extremely proud of the Copper Queens making it to the World Cup which kicks off in two months.
Sharma said Jewel of Africa is proud to be associated with raising funds for the Copper Queens’ smooth journey and peace of mind so that the players can focus on the game.
“Jewel of Africa made a medal that we auctioned off when the Barcelona legends were here last week and we raised the money. We started the bid at US$1,500 and thanks to Mr Wu Ming, we raised $5,000 for the Copper Queens,” she said.
Sharma hopes the company’s gesture will go a long way and contribute to the success of the Copper Queens.
She said Jewel of Africa was excited when the Copper Queens qualified to the finals of the World Cup and created the Copper Queens lapel pins with a football and a crown on it because when she was growing up, she was also a Zambian under-18 champion for badminton. “So I know what it is like to be in Zambia and to be winning and to be playing sports but without much encouragement when we need funding. Sports needs funding, so I am here at this level where we can probably start that process, ” Sharma said.
She said Copper Queens need a lot of support as football has predominantly been a men’s game and women are still trying to gain enthusiasm or support for the games.
“I am a woman, I am going to support the women’s football team for as long as I can by creating more and more pieces that we can auction off and the world can appreciate and bid higher amounts. So I am in it for the long haul and as long as Jewel of Africa can do this, we will carry on supporting and I am hoping other companies will join in,” she said
Sharma said Wu, the Higer Buses boss in Zambia may provide transport but there are other things that are required for a football to become more popular in Zambia and worldwide.
Wu said Higer is proud to be part of the Copper Queens support system
“In fact, this is not the first time. If you remember last time we donated 150 seater Higer mini bus to Copper Queens. This is not the beginning and its also not the end. We are together, we are going to giving more support in the future,” he said
Football Association of Zambia deputy general secretary Joseph Chimpampwe commended Jewel of Africa and Higer for the gesture.
He said it is the time a senior national team is going to the World Cup.
“We just look forward to greater things,” Chimpampwe said


  1. One thing we like about rashmi is that she does not seem racist like many of the Indian I know who cannot marry black indigenous Zambian men. Yet they will marry whlte men without giving it a second thought.

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