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HH sides with Morocco over Western Sahara


President Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia recognises Morocco’s rights to occupy Western Sahara. Western Sahara is a disputed territory in West Africa currently under the colony of Morocco. It is one of the few countries still under colonialism, although of another African country. Western Sahara is however recognized by the UN and more than 80 countries. Zambia, under funding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda recognized Western Sahara as country on October 12, 1979. On March 29, 2011, then President Rupiah Banda withdrew Zambia’s recognition of Western Sahara after intense lobbying by Morocco. On February 19, 2016, then Edgar Lungu decided to recognize Western Sahara again and even accused Morocco of colonizing another Africa country.

President Lungu even swore in Western Sahara Ambassador Salam El-Mami at State House. But in July 2016, then Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba held a press conference in Morocco and announced that Zambia has cut all diplomatic relations with the country fighting for independence from Morocco. And now President Hichilema says Zambia has unwavering support for Morocco’s territorial integrity and autonomy plan offered by the North African Kingdom for the Sahara under its sovereignty, describing this plan as the “only reliable and realistic” solution” to the Sahara regional dispute.

The supportive stand comes in a joint statement issued ON Tuesday in Rabat following talks held by Foreign Minister Stanley Kakubo with Moroccan peer Nasser Bourita.

Mr. Kakubo voiced backing to the exclusive role played by the UN for reaching a realistic, practical, and lasting solution to the Sahara issue, recalling the opening by his country of a consulate in Saharan Moroccan city of Laayoune in 2020. He said the move confirms Zambia’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over its Saharan territory. Mr. Kakubo arrived Tuesday in Rabat carrying a message to King Mohammed VI from President Hakainde Hichilema. He handed the presidential message to Moroccan foreign minister. In the joint statement, Zambia lauded the efforts made by Morocco under the farsighted leadership of King Mohammed VI for the development of the African continent.

The two ministers discussed latest developments on the regional and international scene, hailing the convergence of views of the two countries on a number of issues of common concern. Bourita hailed on this occasion the important role played by Zambia within the Economic Community of Southern African States (SADC) and its contribution for the development of this African sub-region.

He also thanked Zambia for its “unconditional support” to Morocco within regional and international organizations.


  1. And yet the f00I is scared to come out in open and say he supports Ukraine.

    Many in upnd do not agree with HHs approach. They say hh doesn’t listen to advice and is arrogant and ignorant about political ethics. He thinks he is running his goat farm. We told you not to entrust someone who has never held a single public office.

    • These intelligent rulers who think the catholic priests should go to school to study graphs. Not knowing they themselves need to study History.

  2. Sometimes wisdom lies in silence and neutrality.
    The policy of non alignment was such a wise one throughout zambias history.
    Today we are voting against Russia – the country that supported us and provided arms during the struggle for independence. From the 60s our air force was made of Russian fighter jets.

  3. You get your independence and forget about the independence of others. No No, that is not a good game. It’s like after you eat, you go to bed and forget about those who have no food. Have you ever met anyone from Westsahara? I went to the University and worked with people from Westsahara. Give them freedom, please. Do not forget about the State of Palestine, the Kurdish people and others. The politicians who are making big noise today will not be there to solve future problems. If you want to prove the facts visit the embassy park Cemetry in Lusaka. Sorry, my English is not good-looking.

  4. I dont think HH has ever studied the Polisario’s conflict with Morocco. You cant be supporting colonisation when you have previously been colonised. Morocco believes Western Sahara has apart from phosphates, untapped oil reserves. The kingdom wants to continue colonising the indigenous Saharawi population. The Arab League and the AU both dont support Morocco. This made Morocco leave OAU and want to join the EU. Also HH should study how the Moroccan King had been bribing people like Rupiah Banda to tie Zambia to exploitative agreements. The UN resolution reaffirming the right to self-determination of the Sahrawi people still stands HH or no HH

  5. A Very poor decision. History has not been understood by this government. This is a very poor management of our foreign affairs, based on emptiness. Shame on this leadership which is ignorant and stands for continued enlavement of the people of Polisario.

  6. This is the problem of not having a credible foreign policy founded on principles, like floatila we are doomed to float wherever the tide takes us! The case of the Saharawi Democratic Republic is so straight forward, just how could we miss the target so wide! This is plain opportunistic stupidity, gutter diplomacy.

  7. This is the problem of not having a credible foreign policy founded on principles, like floatila we are doomed to float wherever the tide takes us! The case of the Saharawi Democratic Republic is so straight forward, just how could we miss the target so wide! This is plain opportunistic stupidity, gutter diplomacy!!!!

  8. Our foreign policy is a sham..founded on greed. No principles, no historical facts to support it, just plain laziness supported by empty wind. Who does not know that all wars in the modern world are created and fanned by his sponsors? Look at the current war against Russia.Ukraine is their battering ram. Global paeace wont be found with such a miserable foreign policy. My vote was wasted. I am in tears.

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