Monday, June 17, 2024

Zambia’s History of Peacekeeping Efforts Reinforces Commitment to International Stability


President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia reiterated his government’s commitment to global peace, emphasizing that instability in any part of the world affects the entire globe. Speaking during a meeting with Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, and his delegation at State House, President Hichilema emphasized the importance of peace as a prerequisite for development and progress.

“We shall continue our contributions to peacekeeping efforts, as we believe instability in any part of the world affects stability everywhere. We also firmly understand that peace is a fundamental prerequisite for economic development,” President Hichilema stated.

Zambia has a long history of engagement in peacekeeping efforts with the United Nations, dating back to 1988 when it first deployed peacekeepers to Iraq. Currently, the country has a significant number of troops deployed in various peace operations, with a majority serving in the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).

President Hichilema requested the support of the United Nations to effectively maintain peace and security in the region as Zambia prepares to assume the Chairmanship of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ on Peace and Security in August this year. This position will provide an opportunity for Zambia to play a key role in addressing regional security challenges and promoting peace within the SADC member states.

During the meeting, the discussions focused on the partnership between the United Nations and Zambia, particularly regarding the country’s contributions to peacekeeping operations. The UPND Government’s principal foreign policy objectives are anchored on the peaceful resolution of conflicts in Africa and the utilization of multilateral bodies to ensure that the voices of developing countries are heard on international issues.

President Hichilema’s commitment to global peace reflects Zambia’s dedication to fostering stability and security both within its borders and internationally. By actively participating in peacekeeping missions and assuming leadership positions within regional organizations, Zambia aims to contribute to the maintenance of peace, which is vital for social and economic development.

As President Hichilema’s administration continues to prioritize peace and security, it is expected that Zambia’s role in promoting stability will strengthen its position as a key regional player and contribute to the overall progress of the African continent.


  1. Hh chicarla chakwe. He has sold our country to westerners. The Americans have military bases on our soils. Gays are now roaming around freely.

  2. The UN is not effective agent of peace. Some nations can disobey its resolutions and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that the rest of the world can do.

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