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Stop selling Alcohol in markets and Bus stations – Nkombo


MINISTER of Local Government and Urban Development Garry Nkombo has given a seven days ultimatum to vendors selling alcohol in markets and bus stops or risk being prosecuted as doing so is in contravention of the market and bus stations Act.

In a joint statement by his ministry, CSOs, the church and other stakeholders on the illegal selling of alcohol on the streets, Mr. Nkombo said the illegal selling of alcohol is a challenge that is common and universal across all sections of society, the church, civil society political parties and government.

“I have directed all Local authorities to take immediate action in enforcing the provisions of liquor licensing Act within their jurisdictions.

Local authorities are responsible for ensuring compliance of all licensed vendors with the statures and any violations should be met with appropriate consequences”, the Minister said.

He also said that it is imperative that all illegal vendors of alcohol bring an immediate cessation to their activities and cease any covert supplies, adding that government has put in place various pieces of legislations which include among others Liquor licensing Act No. 20 of 2011, Food Safety Act No. 7 of 2019 and Public Health Act Chapter 295 of the laws of Zambia.

He said these laws provide among others for the establishment of a licensing system to control the sale of alcohol, the conditions and requirements for obtaining licenses and outline penalties for non-compliance.

The country has seen an increase in the number of outlets selling alcohol especially under age at market and bus stations in contravention of the Act giving rise to a number of delinquent youths.


  1. While I totally agree with you on this, my advice is that don’t always use threats and ultimatums to achieve your goals. Please engage the people for that’s what leadership entails. Most of those people have Business Permits and others have even Liquor Licenses from local authorities. It’s just the beginning of June and those permits are valid up to December. The councils won’t refund them. So engage them so that you defuse any likely tension

  2. Very good move by the govt, also loitering and idling must be tackled head on. Drinking places please must be sealed off so as to keep criminal eyes that often are found in drinking places away from the public. This is a matter of health and safety. How does someone have a beer tavern right next to a busy highway, this is why some pedestrians get run over.

    We say no to alcohol abuse which is the cause of 47 percent of mental cases in Zambia. This also alcohol consumption leads to the social deterioration causing domestic violence in households, assault cases, thefts to support drinking habits and attacks on women. Excessive alcohol consumption is a danger to development.

    • He should act. Act like a minister of Local government. Meaning He should also expand his focus from Kachasu only. Local government is about many other things. Therefore Nkombo should also give a seven days ultimatum to residents and businesses to stop throwing garbage in the streets and to councils to clean up their environment. Lusaka is the dirtiest capital in Southern Africa. He should ask councils to provide bins and toilets, clean toilets especially at markets and Bus Stations. Not doing so is in contravention of the market and bus stations Act.

  3. Garry is a sick twisted boy. I get a nice warm buzz thinking about when he was beaten up in mazabuka for being arrogant. Now he is messing around with people’s incomes. He will be beaten again. This is Lusaka not mazabuka

  4. What Garry should know is government have come and gone and people sell alcohol in markets. Mr Nkombo thinks people have forgotten the Kashasu case and wants to start talking about beer again. With high unemployment and cost of living you still want to take away people’s income.

  5. Just have the liquor sellers comply with the provisions of the law. I doubt very much that that there is any law restricting location (perhaps churches, kaya). Anyway … fyenka ifyo mwisho.

  6. Gary Nkombo the most useless school teacher I have ever seen. A school teacher can’t be so single track minded

  7. Garry nkombo is unthinkable,they like tuning unfortunety people people are trying to earn something,they are biz sinking them.what business are they enforcing steering,


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