Wednesday, June 19, 2024

President Hakainde Hichilema receives gifts from Service Chiefs and call for Unity


Services Chiefs and Defense security today presented presents to President Hakainde Hichilema as he celebrated his 61 birthday today at Community house today in Lusaka.

And in receiving the presents, President Hichilema called for unity in the country and support to the government during the debt restructuring process.

Mr Hichilema encouraged the general citizens to support the government in the debt restructuring process as it was a key agenda for economic development.

The President who was surprised by the birthday gesture assured that once the debt restructuring process is closed the country will have many open opportunities for social and economic development.

Mr Hichilema also encouraged the defence wing to work together in unity and appreciate the team work spirit.

“We are truly humbled by the pleasant birthday surprise. We were not expecting you on a Sunday. We are grateful for your thoughtfulness, we are challenged as a country in so many areas and the key agenda is the debt restructuring process which needs us to stand together as a nation and close the deal for the economic development of the country,” he said.


  1. Congrats HH on your 61st birthday,for the respect and recognition from service chiefs for your able statesman leadership.

  2. Whilst Zambians are starving and struggling these back side kissers decide to give gifts to a rich man who stole from Zambians via Privatization. Why not help a genuine suffering Zambian? Fuseke

  3. These defence chiefs seem to want to be with HH all the time. Its unhealthy. You arent political cadres! Go and work imwe bantu. Mulibe nchito? Go and do pelete on the parade square

  4. Two years talking about dept restructuring with zero action. If you want dept restructuring go to China and talk to them. You can not restructure dept without involving the party you owe the dept to. Those service chiefs do not know anything on dept restructuring and their jobs have anything to do with it. Next you will be showing them graphs. The the service showed up on Sunday at your home without prior notification for you not to be expecting them. I would not be surprised if all this was not staged by HH himself.

  5. A birthday is personal. Defence force chiefs dont owe personal loyalty to the President. They owe loyalty only to the office. They arent expected to gatecrash the President’s birthday party or wedding or Moye ceremony. They should be professional. Most Zambian citizens are too obsessed with idolising politicians because they see them as their appointers. They cant separate their professional duties from their urge to bootlick.

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