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Crucial Role of Roads in Economic Development Emphasized by Minister Nkandu


Minister of Youth, Sport, and Arts, Elvis Nkandu, has assured the people of Nsama and Kaputa Districts in the Northern Province that the New Dawn Government, led by President Hakainde Hichilema, is committed to delivering development equally across the country. Speaking during public meetings held in Nsama and Kaputa Districts, Minister Nkandu emphasized the government’s aim to ensure that every part of the nation receives a fair share of development.

Minister Nkandu highlighted the Chienge-Kaputa-Nsama-Mporokoso road project as a key priority for the government, citing the recent visit of the Minister of Infrastructure to these areas as evidence. He reassured the people that the government is dedicated to fulfilling its promise of delivering much-needed development to the region. Recognizing the significance of roads in economic growth and development, Minister Nkandu emphasized their role in providing access to employment opportunities, social services, healthcare, and education. He emphasized that roads are a crucial component in the fight against poverty.

In another development, Kaputa Constituency Member of Parliament, Elvis Nkandu, outlined several projects to be undertaken in Kalaba Ward. During a visit to Kalaba Health Center, he handed over a 10,000-liter water tank, recognizing the importance of running water in a healthcare facility. Mr. Nkandu acknowledged the challenges faced by the residents of Kalaba Ward, particularly in accessing water and healthcare services.

Moreover, Minister Nkandu promised to complete the construction of a one-by-two classroom block at Kalaba Day Secondary School, which was initiated by the community. He commended the residents for their initiative in supporting the education of their children. Additionally, he announced the purchase of mattresses to be distributed among all health centers in the district and motorbikes to be given to ward councilors.

During his visit to the Kaputa district, Minister Nkandu interacted with constituents, distributed youth empowerment funds, and provided sports equipment to the youths. He also held a meeting with residents in the Chocha area, addressing their concerns and discussing further development plans.


  1. Incompetence and lack of action in upnd govt. All they do is talk. How can nkandu perform when he is too busy performing on top of cheap prostitutes in lodges

  2. I seem to remember one party while in opposition telling people that people do not eat roads. How many kilometers of road can you do in K27.5 million CDF if the same CDF has to be used for bursaries, loans, hospitals, schools and many other things. The PF CDF was small but Infrastructure and bursaries did not come from CDF. Do you think you can build infrastructure as large as the Kazungula Bridge from CDF? People may be duped that CDF has been increased but effectively it is in the negatives looking at how much pressure has been put on it.

  3. Crucial Role of Roads in Economic Development? The PF used to sing that very song all the time. Now its a different choir same song.

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