PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza Resigns, Citing Lack of Party’s Willingness to Hold General Conference


Antonio Mwanza, the former Media Director of the Patriotic Front (PF), has resigned from the party, citing the lack of willingness by the party’s leadership to hold an elective general conference following their loss of power in 2021. In a press conference held in Lusaka, Mr. Mwanza alleged the existence of a clique within the PF central committee that opposes the idea of a general conference and has taken control of the party’s operations.

According to Mr. Mwanza, there is no valid excuse for not conducting the general conference, and he believes that the reasons being given are false and motivated by the hidden agenda of a select few who are against holding the conference. His resignation raises concerns about the democratic processes within the PF and suggests a division within the party’s leadership.

In response to Mr. Mwanza’s resignation, Raphael Nakacinda, the PF Chairperson for Information and Publicity, requested time to study the resignation letter and the reasons behind it. While Mr. Nakacinda stated that the party remains united and democratic, he acknowledged Mr. Mwanza’s departure and assured that the matters raised would be addressed or responded to at a later stage if necessary.

The PF, in an official statement released by Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba, a member of the Central Committee and Deputy Chairperson for Information and Publicity, acknowledged Mr. Mwanza’s resignation from both his position as Media Director and the party itself. The statement regards Mr. Mwanza’s concerns and reasons as his personal opinion and suggests that they will be dealt with or responded to if deemed necessary in the future. The PF thanked Mr. Mwanza for his dedication, sacrifice, and commitment while working with the party and its leadership, and wished him success in his future endeavors and political pursuits.

Mr. Mwanza’s resignation and his allegations of a lack of democracy within the PF raise questions about the internal dynamics and decision-making processes of the party. As the former ruling party, the PF plays a significant role in Zambian politics, and any internal divisions or controversies within the party have broader implications for the country’s political landscape.

The decision of whether or not to hold an elective general conference is a crucial one, as it determines the party’s direction and allows for the participation of party members in shaping its future. Without a clear and transparent process for selecting leadership, there is a risk of power being concentrated in the hands of a select few, potentially undermining the principles of democracy and accountability.


  1. Antonio Mwanza is damaged goods politically. The PF is better off without him and the Socialist Party is not stronger with him.

  2. Just wait after some weeks ati I have decided to join upnd, I’ve seen they are doing great things blah blah blah! This guy always jumps from opposition to ruling party. It’s an old habit of his. Remember jumping from FDD to PF then?

    • Yes,the opportunist grasshopper has jumped again from the frying pan into the fire .he knows PF is now carcus

  3. I do not think we should be focusing on PF general conference today. What we need to focus on is the current prevailing in the country. High cost of living and a government that is failing to sort out issues in mining agriculture and talking to China. How many parties will Antonio Mwanza join? At his age he will beat everyone in political prostitution. What Antonio Mwanza should have done is fight the battles within the PF because even UPND has failed to hold any democratic processes within itself. This shows how unprincipled our politicians are. The explains why we have the likes of Thabo Kawana, Imenda crowning around unchecked.

  4. Yamu nyokola njala………..

    Stolen monies only circulating amogest chosen few………..

    AM is considered an outsider…….

  5. Was that revelation from Edgar Lungu that this nomad tried very hard advising Edgar Lungu not to concede to his election loss ever fully investigated.

  6. Really laughable..I keep telling chaps that PF can never change even when Sata was so poorly, a dead man walking and he couldnt work they still forced him to walk up the stairs of National Assembly lied about his health. Come 2026, Lazy Lungu will stand again…these chaps are a visionless bunch of goats.

  7. Mwanza enjoyed numerious positions as a member of board of Directors in govt companies getting free salaries for doing nothing not even attending…really laughable …He had a Ford Ranger everything paid for…the chap is a gun for hire and he wouldnt have trouble selling his services to UPND whose media team is shambolic. Where else is he going to go watch this space this boy is a mosquitoe he needs blood of a host to survive.

  8. Only extremely dull upnd members like hh can celebrate this. Remember that any defection that goes to any party other than upnd, does not make a difference. As long as he goes to opposition that means opposition have not gained neither has upnd. Remember that eventually all opposition will come together as we approach 2026. Ba upnd don’t celebrate. Pf is returning. Mark my words

    • Next is the dirty sick bas.tard son of mine the koswe Kiazer who will join Alex Muliokela’s PPP what a sight…

    • Come and get your ka son. He is wasting away in a council flat in one of most poorest estates in London. Even Magoye is better than the estate KZ resides in….kikiki

    • I pity your son “kiazar”. Just like hh he is a bustard. Hh does not know his father that is why he has entitlement syndrome. Niyanda niyanda all time. Fuseke

  9. Indeed they can’t hold a convention because most people who have been holding on the the money that was criminally reserved for the convention are already identified as suspected criminals.and some have been arrested already. Sihave even surrendered some money to the state. Others even deliberately burnt some os their houses to distort or disguise information the money both to their party PF and government investigations wings

  10. When I said PF Presidential candidates paying K200,000 to contest was simply a money laundering scheme, people thought I was joking surely where would a chap like Monde or Mwamba get that kind of money and just sit in the back seat quietly.

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