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PeP Expresses Concern Over Police Refusal to Bring Dr. Christopher Zumani Zimba to Court


The Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) has expressed dismay at the recent statement made by Mr. Rae Hamoonga, spokesperson for the Zambia Police Service, regarding the responsibility for bringing Dr. Christopher Zumani Zimba to court. PeP President Sean Tembo argues that the police, having arrested Dr. Zimba, hold the duty and responsibility to present him before the court, after which the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) can proceed with the case.

Mr. Hamoonga’s statement implies that the NPA should proactively monitor police station detention cells to identify those who have been arrested and then take them to court. PeP finds this reasoning flawed, asserting that it is the duty of the police to initiate the process by presenting the case to the court, and then the NPA can proceed with prosecution.

PeP accuses the Zambia Police Service, and Mr. Rae Hamoonga specifically, of politicizing Dr. Christopher Zumani Zimba’s arrest and employing baseless justifications to keep him in detention without due process. PeP argues that under President Hakainde Hichilema, law enforcement has been weaponized to target perceived political opponents, including Dr. Zimba. President Hichilema is urged to reflect on the current state of affairs, as the country appears to be turning into a banana republic, blurring the line between those serving the state and those serving the ruling UPND party. PeP further suggests that Mr. Hamoonga, through his statement, reveals his alignment with the UPND party, using his police uniform to disguise his political activities.

PeP President Sean Tembo concluded the statement by calling for a more professional and unbiased approach to law enforcement under the new administration, ensuring that due process is respected, and political motives are set aside.


  1. Who really was gassing our people?
    Was it this Zumani ? Please take him to Court . Maybe the truth will come out.
    Tayali had also mentioned other people who threatened to sue him for libel. Was that done? Let Tayali also come out with his information in Court…whethern lies or truth.

  2. Every Zambian should be concerned about this detention. Even UPND followers. We have gone ten thousand steps backwards. After going one step forward in removing PF from power. It is shameful that a government that suffered from illegal detentions previously now champions and defends illegal detentions. We thought we removed PF for the rule of law. We just removed one tyranny for another

    • Why should evey Zambian be concerned as if these PF chaps shared their loot with the Zambian people
      That’s his personal battle stop involving citizens in useless things. They have better things to do

  3. Anti-Terrorism Act, 2007 (Act No. 21 of 2007).

    One Job of a President of Zambia, is to protect the country from such people so therefore, can be held at the pleasure of the President.

  4. What is wrong with this baf00n, which country has terroist suspects and they are not held in custody.
    Opposition politicians in Zambia are totally useless and in partiular Sean Tembo

  5. @Kadansa, Zimba is charged with terrorism.
    Terrorist should be kept locked up, there a danger to society. Just remember that

    • @Ben If you were the Police Chief I would be very happy. I would be happy because in your post here, you are one step ahead of the ZP and have come out with a charge. The ZP hasnt said what charges will be preferred on Zimba. That may be their perceived reason for passing the buck to the NPA, something we have never heard since Zambia’s independence.
      However in a democracy, no person should be detained without charge. And we wanted to leave those kinds of detention with Lungu but here we are, fighting the same demon we slayed. Yayi!

  6. HH is using his tribesmen Rae Hamoonga to victimize political opponents. The country is now a Banana republic were a certain kind of people are being targeted for arrest. If there is evidence of whatever Zumani has done, why not take him and the evidence to court?

  7. Terrorist should be kept locked up, yes once they are convicted. Suspected terrorists should be charged not detained at the pleasure of government or police. Because we don’t want people using our laws to settle personal scores. Charge or release

  8. Please let your brother be kept there for more time
    Don’t disturb him. As ONE Of the self claimed Wisemen, he is enjoying meditation in detention

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