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Government Recognizes Church’s Critical Role in Nation-Building through Evangelism-Kawana


The government of Zambia has urged the church to intensify its efforts in evangelism as a means to save the country, particularly the younger generation. Thabo Kawana, the Director Spokesperson in the Ministry of Information and Media, emphasized the critical role of the church in safeguarding the population, especially the youth, during a meeting with the Men’s Christian Fellowship (MCF) at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) St. Bartholomew Congregation in Marrapodi compound.

Mr. Kawana acknowledged the invaluable work of the church in evangelizing both physically and spiritually, in an effort to draw more souls to the Lord. He expressed deep concern over the growing number of young people who have succumbed to substance abuse, stating, “We are raising a generation of junkies, and the present situation is worrisome. Hence, we need to act immediately.”

Recognizing the importance of the church’s role in shaping the future of the nation, Mr. Kawana stressed the need for continuous spread of the Christian gospel to the masses. He questioned the kind of country the older generation would leave behind if the current situation persisted, and urged the church to redouble its efforts to cleanse the nation.

During the gathering, Mr. Kawana also highlighted the significance of the ongoing church building project. He encouraged the MCF to engage in income-generating activities that would provide the necessary resources for completing the construction, rather than relying on constant contributions.

To demonstrate his support, Mr. Kawana donated 20 pockets of cement on behalf of his wife and family, a contribution that will aid in the successful completion of the church building. The estimated cost for the building, according to the Bill of Quantities, stands at K60,000.

Expressing gratitude for the donation, Colonel Empreme Lungu, the MCF Marrapodi Consistory Convenor, praised the New Dawn Government for its collaboration with the church in uplifting the lives of the Zambian people. He assured the government that his congregation would continue to preach the gospel and share the teachings of Jesus Christ.


  1. Stop what ever you are doing and just go and apologize to the catholic,surely calling the arcbishop Lucifer and don’t want to apologize .No one cant fight God.

  2. There is beautiful girls football today, you can’t left barking dogs like Kawana spoiling our moods.

  3. Don’t be f00Iish. Your president is well known freemas0n. Go away ba satana

    Due to the poor governance and failures affecting our country caused by the inc0mpetent upnd g0vt, I have decided to pr0test. From last week, I am taking part in a self imp0sed semen retenti0n protest for a m0nth. This means I will in no way ejacuIate for a month in protest. I urge those who love our country to j0in in and support this pr0test. To th0se who continue to supp0rt the upnd, I ask you to mention one c0mm0dity that has gone down in price since upnd took over. Failing which you close your dirty m0uth.To those who supp0rt my pr0test and PF, I ask that you d0wnv0te this comment. If you don’t supp0rt my pr0test then please upv0te this comment

  4. We warned you not to exchange words with Pastors now you are all out licking up your own vomit…

  5. Looks like party cadres have been told to do a repair job after having bashed the church last week they(Kawana, Mutati, four ministers, etc) are now coming out with panelbeating equipment. Wish you luck

  6. Thabo Kawana, the Director Spokesperson in the Ministry of Information and Media, And what is Miss Chushi?

    • She is just an empty suit stealing a living from taxpayers..her job is just to dress up in fancy dresses and look at herself in the mirror in her office. Any one with a bit of self worth would have walked out but she is happy to be called a minister whilst this moron Thabo does 95% of the PS and Ministers work. I am surprised no citizen has challenged his illegal appointment in court.

  7. It’s too late
    You can go to any church you want to.
    Mark my words the mind of Zambians is already made up…you are a party the insult church leaders. The only party in the history of Zambia. If upnd is able to insult our Priest, what makes Zambians to think that they can’t insult a pastor from UCZ? Something is wrong spiritually in upnd! How do you call the Archbishop of Lusaka as Lucifer! And you send small boys to go and apologize how st.upid. I can’t vote for upnd in 2026…

  8. Tell your President and Imenda to apologise to ” Lucifer” and the “Illiterate priest”. That is what they called them.

  9. Official figures show that Catholics make up 20% of the population of Zambia.
    Why then does this person Banda and his ignorant priest think that their nonsenses should be listen.
    I am NOT a catholic so why do I have to be subjected to their useless utterances.
    They should be told categorically stick to your church duties and let politicians deal with politics.
    Mark my words if you let them keep on think they can make political statements and anyone who answer back is castigated then Zambia will become like Iran where they clergy run things.
    Why should we have 20% of the population running things.
    JUst remember the President is not a catholic and religion is a private individual matter.

    • NO , Sir Catholics in Zambia make up 40% of all Zambians , so they alone have the capacity to remove you from power if they want and I think that is what they will do in 2026

  10. HH called the priest that are more educate than him illiterate. Then his tribesmen Imenda called the priest Lucifer. Now after they have seen how much damage they have caused they want to wigo their tails back to the very people they were insulting. The Illegal director Kawana should tell HH and Imenda to go apologize to the Catholics.

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