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Socialist Party Presidential Political Aide Condemns Laura Miti’s Fear of Impending Change


Mr. Faston Mwale, the Socialist Party Presidential Political Aide, has criticized Laura Miti’s apprehension towards what he described as an imminent revolution and denounced her attacks on former President Michael Sata’s legacy and Dr. Fred M’membe, a prominent figure in Zambian politics. Mwale urged supporters of the Socialist Party to remain steadfast in the face of unwarranted assaults from individuals like Miti, whom he labeled a purveyor of hate and animosity.

Writing about the importance of respecting the deceased, Mwale stated, “Referring to the late Mr. Sata as a ‘thug’ is not only a desecration of Sata’s legacy but also an ideal example of Miti’s furious animosity towards Mr. Sata. That Mr. Sata is gone entails that fate has conferred upon him the status of a ‘symbolic idea’ from which to learn from his mistakes, shortcomings, deficiencies, and from his admirable leadership posture. Common convention charges us not to speak ill of the dead in the manner that Miti is doing.”

Mwale further condemned Miti’s attacks on Dr. M’membe, whom he referred to as an “iconic revolutionary and leader of the Socialist Party.” He labeled Miti’s remarks as “the most savage malice, the most unscrupulous slander, and the most ferocious hatred.” Calling upon all Socialist Party members, supporters, sympathizers, and allies, Mwale urged them to stand strong in the face of mounting unprovoked attacks from disgruntled individuals like Miti, whom he characterized as “a miserable chieftain of politics of hate, generating more heat and less light for our people seeking justice, equity, and peace.”

Drawing a link between the attacks and the deepening cost of living crisis, Mwale emphasized, “The irrational fit of attacks on comrade Dr. M’membe is not a product of spontaneous spells. The attacks have a context in the deepening cost of living crisis. As the cost of living worsens, the general populace is finding it more and more difficult to accept an additional catalogue of fake promises from the UPND government to rationalize an obviously collapsing regime. The deep-seated feeling of shame, frustration, and anger at the failure to fulfill campaign promises is what is being misdirected at innocent people.”

Mwale highlighted a pattern of disrespectful behavior by the UPND leadership, citing recent attacks on the Catholic Church. He stated, “Recently, the Catholic Church came under a spell of attacks when His Grace, the Right Reverend Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda was called ‘Lucifer’ by the UPND leadership. And today, the onslaught continues unabated as Laura Miti, another senior member of the UPND, descends heavily on the Late President, Michael Sata, calling him a thug with pieces of dirty shrapnel hitting at Dr. Fred M’membe, a living legend. Surely, what wrong has comrade Dr. M’membe done to deserve such hurtful remarks from Miti? Honestly speaking, our people are tired and fed up with this type of name-calling politics. It is now time that we started to engage each other in progressive ideological politics. Our people are not interested in political rhetoric; they are interested in finding practical ways that will be used to lift them from the debilitating capitalist material conditions under which they live and suffer.”

Mwale reiterated the inevitability of change and cautioned the UPND leadership against letting their fear lead to irrational behavior. He warned, “Change is an inevitable consequence of every situation. Whether the UPND likes it or not, change is coming and coming soon. The fear of change should not unnerve them to the point of becoming schizophrenic. The UPND leadership should take steps to curb the illusion of superiority over others. Intoxication with power can lead to a disastrous ending.”


    • You know what? Everyone who drinks alcohol says its sweet. I drank it once and it was so bitter! But it makes the drinker feel so powerful he thinks he is the King of Kings. Power corrupts. Just like alcohol.

    • Part of the reason many politicians do awful things is because they think that the public never really appreciate their hard work. Better then to do awful things because the public think we’re all evil anyway. It’s obvious from Antonio Mwanza’s words during the last week of campaigns for the great yr 2021 when we voted the PF out of government.

  1. Miti has been overrated by our society that does not look at the value and quality of what one vomits. She is literally a person of no value to our society and will never be. Sadly our Zambian society and its levels of thought and dialogue informs those that have some brains what makes Zambia not know why they are still wallowing in mediocrity. We are a low level thinking nation that’s why we are still led by people who don’t deserve to be leaders.

    • The problem is this type of reasoning. This is called the ad hominem fallacy, what value does your insulting Laura Mitt add to the discussion? Your argument should counter the points she makes rather than her person. Do better.

  2. Laura is another retarded upnd cadre who is undergoing menopause.

    Due to the poor governance and failures affecting our country caused by the inc0mpetent upnd g0vt, I have decided to pr0test. From last week, I am taking part in a self imp0sed semen retenti0n protest for a m0nth. This means I will in no way ejacuIate for a month in protest. I urge those who love our country to j0in in and support this pr0test. To th0se who continue to supp0rt the upnd, I ask you to mention one c0mm0dity that has gone down in price since upnd took over. Failing which you close your dirty m0uth.To those who supp0rt my pr0test and PF, I ask that you d0wnv0te this comment. If you don’t supp0rt my pr0test then please upv0te this comment

    • Here’s Laura Miti in the picture looking natural and beautiful. No lipstick, no make-up, no painted nails no whatever women do to their hair and yet Fred M’membe and Saboi Imboela want to call Amai Doti (Madam filth). Laura Miti is not part of the great unwashed. She’s down-to-earth, intelligent and articulate. Fred M’membe is no champion of the downtrodden. He just wants the vote of their vote.

    • Gunner, how much is she paying you to sing praises? Laura beautiful? Haha you must be her daughter. Fuseke

    • Gunner in Zambia – Dont bother with this Humpty Dumpty Troll/Impostor based in UK, it has time and energy to exchange unplatables on here all day which you dont have.

    • Thank you for all the unwavering support by downvoting my post. I asked for downvote to show support for my cause and PF.

  3. Gunner it’s not about how she looks naturally but what comes out of her mouth, she has always been operated now that she has been given her piece of cake she shows her true colors, she was and is a political cadre who disguised as a human right activist just because she was fighting a sitting gvt then, now she shows her colors .

    • It was raining in money for those who chose to walk with the PF government. Laura Miti could have easily fallen for that but she refused. Yes, she’s political in a conviction way. She knows when a government is doing its best and when it is doing its worst. We’re very lucky in Zambia to have her. Of course there are others who choose to do it silently so we do not know their identity.

  4. This mwale guy should be the Socialist Party’s president. He does some impressive spins here when he talks about the dead like Sata. Not to say he is correct but he is convincing and thats what succesful politicians do. Convince us that the sh1t they are giving us is sweet enough for us.

  5. Sata was not only a thug but a nimcompoop always high on Ganga. Fred used sata to avoid paying taxes which unfortunately for him caught up with him after sata died and with him his protection.

  6. KAISALA ZUKU you are just a NAMAZAI in UK very is no proper work you are doing no wonder you have got more time of writing bad things.miti we are with you no normal person can give vote to the extension of PF criminals.in additional fuledi mmembe is the tribalist he can end up destroying this country.

    • Whenever i anger you, I become uk based haha. You think I would ever move to an imperialist state? If I ever considered leaving, which i wouldn’t, I would go to Russia or dubai where I have solid investments. Continue suffering under hh. I am making more money outside of government than I did as civil servant during our reign

  7. Gunner in Zambia yes there was money ,but through research I have realised there was even more money from donor community especially those that are the third hand in regime change

  8. Faston Mwale should be old enough to know that change by “revolution” would be as unconstitutional as a military coup. Those who agitate for a “revolution” in Zambia should be aware that they will be jailed should the so-called “revolution” take place. In Zambia, change in government comes only through elections.

  9. The problem is, Mr. Faston Mwale’s reasoning is terribly flawed. A plague rampant within Zambian public discourse. Laura, in her recent write-up on Fred Mmembe, built a case, she made arguments and supported them with evidence. This, however, is just a rant, name-calling which is basically aimless blows into the air with no substance.
    If you’re going to say she’s wrong, say about what exactly, and then provide evidence for why you say so.

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