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Police Investigate Bloggers for Alleged Publication of Forged Letters


The Zambian police have initiated an investigation into the alleged publication of forged letters by President Hakainde Hichilema and Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Josephs Akafumba on social media platforms. Thabo Kawana, a spokesperson, has stated that the police are currently searching for Socialist President Fred Imakando Mmembe, as well as administrators of social media pages involved in disseminating the documents. The letters in question, which contain references to the Catholic Church, were initially shared on Twitter by “the African on Twitter” Additionally, the letters were published on Facebook by Matomola Likwanya, the UPND Lusaka Youth leader. As part of their investigation, the police have apprehended journalist Andy Luki and blogger Thomson Phiri, who are currently held at the Richard Kachingwe Police Station in Kabwata.

The circulation of forged documents, especially those purporting to come from high-ranking government officials, raises significant concerns regarding the dissemination of misinformation. The Zambian police’s actions reflect their commitment to upholding the law and maintaining social order. While the investigation is ongoing, it is important to note that individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The legal process will determine the culpability or innocence of those arrested and shed light on the authenticity of the letters in question.


  1. This is what you always say, we are investigating, but your investigations rarely end in conviction and imprisonment.

    These kilimino chaps are not playing. You are busy handling them with kid’s gloves thereby making them more arrogant and more stupid.

  2. In what capacity is this ugly f00I addressing the nation as if he is minister of information? Kawana has alot of dirt on hh which is why hh turns blind eye to his madness. Both hh and kawana are retards. They are now going after bloggers. Hh confessed that he spends all his time reading social media blogs. Did you know that secret agents have contact me about my posts here ? Hh I know you are reading this. So chikarla chako

    • When are you going to grow up iwe chi Kaizar Zulu? Ichimuntu nama wrinkles ku twani he is still behaving like a todller. Grow up. Behaviour as if chilafwala ama diapers.

  3. Supposing the document is fake. And supposing that police will arrest anyone who shared said documents, what kind of state are we living in? Arresting Fred Mmembe, Sishuwa, Matomola and the uncountable people who shared this is simply dictatorial behaviour.
    Police out to be aware that to prove their case, there must be criminal intent by the accused persons. if they (accused) believed such documents to be real and shared to enlighten citizens, no same magistrate can find them at fault. I would like to see police arrest Matomola so we see it’s not political.
    Lastly, when government is always issuing warnings, know there is a clog in the system. It’s never a good idea.

  4. This illegal Director keeps boring us. There are no fogged documents. What HH and his people needs to understand is that this is 2023 and the Information Age. You will not run the country like KK or Kamuzu Banda. Information will always come out.

  5. Ba PF, why engage characters LIke ba Kaisa sulu who are always insulting others. Do you think your party May bounce back by hiring rxperts in insulting others? On the contrary, the party is just being decampaigned at supersonic rate enroute to it’s grave yard.

  6. The communication by UPND is in shambols. Who is their trusted mouth piece?
    Today you hear from Mutati, tomoro from Mweetwa, and then Imenda(the man) and later again from Imenda(the woman). You wake up in the morning its Kawana or Mosquito(Youth League Chairman) Who is the UPND/Govermemt mouth piece? The President is not being guided or advised on communication. There was no need for that Graphical PRESS copnference and no need for that loose missile response to Salangeta.
    Where is madam Chushi? The house need to be put in order. There is madness and confusion

    • Everyone is wondering why HH has insisted on keeping Chushi. Her silence on national matters has seen the president create the post of spokesperson in the ministry, which position has simply shown Chushi’s irrelevance in the ministry.

  7. Reporters please go to school. Evelyn Hone College please give us professionals not attendees of courses.
    So HH published or forged letters? And he is still in State House?
    “The Zambian police have initiated an investigation into the alleged publication of forged letters by President Hakainde Hichilema and Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Josephs Akafumba on social media platforms.”

  8. Corrected:
    The Zambian police have initiated investigations into letters purported to be by President Hakainde Hichilema and Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Josephs Akafumba but whose authenticity government has denied.

  9. Now Kawana is even the spokesperson for the Police. Rae cadre Hamoonga was the one supposed to issue statements on what the police have been instructed to investigate. Very soon illegal director Kawana will be issuing statement on behalf of every arm of government.

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