Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Czech Republic Foreign Affairs Minister Visits Zambia to Explore Bilateral Opportunities


In an effort to strengthen bilateral ties and explore opportunities of mutual benefit, the Czech Republic Foreign Affairs Minister, Honourable Jan Lipavsky, and his accompanying delegation visited Zambia today. The visit was marked by a warm reception at State House, where discussions were held to foster cooperation between the two sister countries.

Minister Lipavsky’s delegation consisted of prominent business representatives from the Czech Republic, showcasing the shared interest in exploring economic prospects and expanding trade relations. Both sides actively engaged in conversations, focusing on key areas such as technology, agriculture mechanization, and value addition, with the aim of boosting local and international markets.

At the forefront of Zambia’s agenda was the goal of positioning the country as a production hub within the region. President Hakainde Hichilema reiterated the need for local drug production, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a sustainable supply of medications for hospitals, clinics, and neighboring countries. By producing drugs locally, Zambia aims to enhance healthcare accessibility and reduce dependency on imports.

Additionally, the Zambian government called for increased collaboration between the public and private sectors. The establishment of joint ventures was emphasized as a means to create employment opportunities and build innovative economies. By pooling resources and expertise, both nations can leverage their strengths to meet market demands, both domestically and internationally.

President Hichilema expressed his gratitude to Minister Lipavsky and his delegation for their visit, highlighting the significance of partnerships with countries like the Czech Republic in fostering sustainable development.


  1. These guys are brilliant when it comes to machinery, road infrastructure development and hospitals. We certainly can negotiate good value for money with them. The kwacha is almost 1:1 with the Czech Koruna so, as long as we can bypass the EU trade bureaucracy, I don’t see why Zambia shouldn’t do business with them. Just make sure it’s on our terms and drop the small mentality syndrome. Kulibe va muzungu or colonial apa…it’s purely business.

    • This government does not do business with other government. All they know is begging. The only way this country will develop is to get control of its resources. Our resources are in the hands of foreigners who have been given tax holidays.

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