Sunday, June 23, 2024

Chingola woman kills son with “anointing oil”


In a tragic incident on the Copperbelt, a 28-year-old woman from Chingola has been apprehended by the police for allegedly causing the death of her 2-year-old son. Copperbelt Police Commissioner Peacewell Mweemba confirmed the arrest, revealing that the woman had been given a poisonous substance by an individual who claimed it was anointing oil.

The distressing incident unfolded when the woman was tending to her son, who was receiving treatment for a fractured leg at Nchanga North Hospital. According to Mr. Mweemba, the woman was advised to administer the substance to her sick child. However, the nurses on duty became suspicious after detecting a foul odor and confronted the mother about it.

Commissioner Mweemba explained that it was during this confrontation that the woman confessed to the nurses about what had transpired. Despite the medical team’s immediate efforts to resuscitate the child, their attempts were tragically unsuccessful.

The police will continue their inquiry to uncover the circumstances surrounding the alleged distribution of the poisonous substance to the mother, as well as to ascertain any other individuals involved.

This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of caution and vigilance when it comes to the welfare of children. The authorities are urging parents and caregivers to exercise utmost care and verify the authenticity and safety of any substances or remedies before administering them to vulnerable individuals, particularly children.


  1. Very sad incident.The mother should not have been arrested though..this was unintentional.Arrest the person who gave her the poison. She was doing everything she could to help her child.Zambia police should be considerate with the way they treat vulnerable people especially women.the other day they arrested a lady for abortion..they do not realise the anguish women in these situations are undergoing. Hope she is released on bond.

    • Have you ever heard of the word culpable homicide? She is as guilty as the person who gave her the “anointing oil.”

  2. Have you ever heard of the word culpable homicide? She is as guilty as the person who gave her the “anointing oil.”

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