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Rwanda and Zambia Pledge to Enhance Trade and Cooperation for Development


Kigali, Rwanda – The Presidents of Rwanda and Zambia have affirmed their commitment to strengthen bilateral ties and collaborate on various sectors such as agriculture, trade, and investment, with the aim of fostering development and improving the wellbeing of their citizens.

During President Hakainde Hichilema’s two-day state visit to Rwanda, both heads of state expressed their dedication to deepening cooperation between the two countries. President Hichilema arrived in Kigali on Tuesday evening and was warmly welcomed by President Paul Kagame at Urugwiro Village, where they held a closed-door meeting after inspecting a guard of honor.

Later in the evening, President Kagame hosted a State Banquet in honor of President Hichilema at Kigali Serena Hotel. The event was attended by senior government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, and other distinguished guests.

During his speech at the banquet, President Kagame recalled his visit to Livingstone in Zambia in April of the previous year, which he described as memorable, citing his encounter with a friendly cheetah and the warm reception he received.

President Kagame stated, “Mr. President, my dear brother, your visit is a testament to the friendship between the people of Rwanda and Zambia. It is also proof of the willingness to continue learning from one another in our shared journey toward sustainable development.”

The Rwandan President highlighted the increased opportunities for Rwandans and Zambians to visit each other’s countries and engage in business, thanks to the availability of direct flights between Kigali and Lusaka.

He congratulated President Hichilema on assuming the chairmanship of the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) and expressed Rwanda’s readiness to work together in promoting regional trade and supporting the success of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

President Kagame commended President Hichilema’s participation in the Inclusive FinTech Forum, emphasizing the importance of accelerating financial inclusion across the continent.

“In the midst of overlapping crises, deepening collaboration only serves to increase our gains and bring us more hope for the future. In that spirit, allow me to offer a toast to the good health of His Excellency and the friendship between the people of Rwanda and Zambia,” concluded President Kagame.

In response, President Hichilema expressed his gratitude for President Kagame’s visit to Zambia, during which the two countries discussed collaboration in various areas. He noted the positive outcomes already visible, such as increased public revenue collection and the digitization of services.
During his remarks, President Hichilema commended President Kagame for encountering the friendly cheetah and making a promise to promote the iconic Victoria Falls to the world. He noted that since President Kagame’s visit, tourism numbers in the area had significantly increased.

“I want to confirm, President Kagame, that since your visit to Livingstone, the occupancy rates in the lodges and hotels around the area have gone up. This is not a joke because I have knowledge of what was obtained there and what is obtained now,” President Hichilema stated, expressing his gratitude to President Kagame for his efforts in marketing the destination.

President Hichilema stressed the importance of utilizing available resources effectively, rather than reinventing the wheel. He cited Rwanda’s success in digitizing services like the national ID, which inspired Zambia to improve its own systems.

The Zambian President emphasized the need for collaboration in the agricultural sector and expressed his commitment to supporting Rwanda’s food requirements. He highlighted Zambia’s favorable hydrological conditions and its potential to contribute significantly to Rwanda’s food needs.

President Hichilema acknowledged the need to harness technology, capital, land, and water resources available on the continent to produce enough food, enhance value addition, and create employment opportunities for the youth. He emphasized the importance of stability and security, as they form the foundation for development, trade, and job creation.

President Hichilema concluded by stating that pooling resources and working together would deliver tangible results for the people of Africa. He stressed the significance of intra-African trade and exports abroad, as well as the need to address the issue of food insecurity on the continent.


  1. All we are told is that such trips will enhance fyo fyo but we never see any benefits from them. Fuseke

  2. Rich people went on the submersive to view titanic wreckage. If hh is so rich and likes travelling why didn’t he also go on submersive. We wish hh had gone. He is better off in submersive

  3. Lazy Lungu signed dozens of these agreements with Rwanda what came of them…these are waste of time!!

  4. “…..noted the positive outcomes already visible, such as increased public revenue collection and the digitization of services……”

    Rwandans are leaders in Africa in the fields of IT……….they advised on zambias digitisation of service delivery.

    That is what the president is emphasising……..intra aftican development.

  5. No Kaizar Zulu. Our President would only visit the Titanic once allowed to take a mouth Mask with him. Did you realize that there is corona there.?

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