Monday, June 17, 2024

Arrest Those Involved in Unauthorized Land Sales-Gary Nkombo


Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo has called for the arrest and prosecution of civic leaders and political party cadres involved in unauthorized land sales, emphasizing that such activities contribute to unplanned settlements. Minister Nkombo highlighted that the government has returned the power to administer land to local authorities, as it had been taken over by political cadres and leaders during the previous regime.

Speaking at the launch of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for all eleven districts of North Western Province in Solwezi, Minister Nkombo expressed concern that political cadres had compromised the integrity of the local authority by allocating land on behalf of the council.

Meanwhile, Robert Lihefu, the North Western Province Minister, stated that the IDP would facilitate inclusive and sustainable development in the province. Minister Lihefu emphasized the government’s commitment to empowering local authorities to drive development across the country, which in turn would stimulate rural development.

The issue of unauthorized land sales has been a longstanding concern in Zambia, leading to haphazard urban growth and the proliferation of informal settlements. By cracking down on individuals involved in such activities, the government aims to regain control over land management and ensure the implementation of planned and sustainable development initiatives.


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  2. One does not even have to very. Just arrest that corrupt man called Chongo from within the title deeds department. He is the most corrupt civil servant. One can just steal another persons and approach him through bribes to manipulate papers to get title deeds.

  3. Gary Nkombo should just arrest himself for feeding Kashasu to a minor. UPND is doing things worse than PF. We have the diary man running loose, illegal Directors like Kawana, an absentee President, Lucifer Imenda, another absentee Chushi Kasanda and the high cost of living hardened the back and forth prices.

  4. This is a very good statement from the minister and shows the Government’s commitment to end this scourge. Let the government come up with a legal framework that will prosecute both the sellers and the buyers with Jail terms of up to 10years with hard labor for example. The Copperbelt is worst and Chingola probably on top of the pile. Additionally the minister and his legal counterpart should address the issue of why land disputes take more than a decade to conclude in some cases to pass judgment when one party has a title deed and the other has nothing. What can be more ridiculous than that? Setup fast track courts for land disputes and not for traffic offences.

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