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Harnessing Zambia’s Mining Sector and Agriculture for Economic Growth


By Alexander Vomo


Zambia possesses significant potential for economic growth through its mining sector and agricultural resources. By prioritizing full ownership of the mining industry, leveraging valuable mineral discoveries like the Kasenseli Gold Mine, Sugilite in Luapula Province, and the abundance of emeralds and manganese, Zambia can follow the successful model of Botswana’s diamond industry. This approach can bolster the economy, reduce reliance on IMF bailouts, and strengthen the exchange rate of the Kwacha.

Full Ownership of the Mining Sector:

Granting ownership of the mining sector to Zambian entities would ensure that the majority of profits and benefits remain within the country. By limiting the influence of foreign investors like Vedanta, Zambia can retain a greater share of mining revenue to reinvest in economic development, infrastructure, and social programs.

Exploiting the Potential of Kasenseli Gold Mine:

The discovery of the Kasenseli Gold Mine in Mwinilunga brings tremendous opportunities for Zambia’s mining sector. Developing this gold mine can generate significant revenue, attract foreign investment, and create employment opportunities. The project should be undertaken with responsible mining practices, adherence to environmental regulations, and equitable distribution of benefits to local communities.

Leveraging Sugilite, Emeralds, and Manganese:

Zambia’s newly discovered Sugilite in Luapula Province presents a unique opportunity to diversify the mining sector. This rare gemstone can be marketed internationally, attracting premium prices, and bolstering export earnings. Additionally, the country’s abundant emerald and manganese deposits should be harnessed through responsible mining practices, value addition, and the creation of downstream industries.

Learning from Botswana’s Diamond Industry:

Zambia can draw inspiration from Botswana’s successful ownership of diamond mines. By fully managing and benefiting from mineral resources, Zambia can emulate Botswana’s model of long-term planning, revenue accumulation through sovereign wealth funds, and the promotion of local job creation and skills development. Such measures will facilitate economic diversification and reduce dependence on a single sector.

Reducing Reliance on IMF Bailouts:

Through the strategic development of the mining sector and agriculture, Zambia can decrease its dependence on IMF bailouts. Increased export earnings from mineral resources and agricultural products, along with responsible fiscal management, will strengthen the country’s financial position and reduce the need for external financial assistance.

Strengthening the Exchange Rate:

A robust mining sector, coupled with a vibrant agricultural industry, can positively impact the exchange rate of the Kwacha. Increased export revenues from minerals and agricultural commodities will enhance foreign reserves, improve the balance of payments, and contribute to a stronger exchange rate against other currencies.


Zambia stands at a critical juncture to boost its economy through the mining sector and agriculture. By prioritizing full ownership of the mining industry, capitalizing on mineral discoveries like Kasenseli Gold Mine, Sugilite, emeralds, and manganese, and learning from Botswana’s diamond industry success, Zambia can foster economic growth, reduce reliance on IMF bailouts, and strengthen the exchange rate of the Kwacha. This comprehensive approach will pave the way for sustainable development, job creation, and improved living standards for the Zambian people. I call upon the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Mines, and the Ministry of Agriculture to look into this matter. Zambia is our country and is bigger than any Political Party or an Individual, let’s stand together and change the Narrative. One Zambia, One Nation.


  1. Any under 5 can write such verbose. What how to achieve without mortgaging country is what nation wants to know.

    HH is a captive of imperialists who have been financing him since 1990s.

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