Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Matero MP Miles Sampa Takes Action for Baby Grace’s Health Crisis


A heart-wrenching incident unfolded on Thursday during a grader arrival event in George Compound when a woman approached Politician Miles Sampa with her gravely ill 6-month-old baby, Grace. Witnessing the distressing condition of baby Grace, Sampa was moved to tears. Taking immediate action, he ordered his driver to rush them to a Level 1 hospital, recognizing the urgency of the situation.

Following the grader event, Sampa personally visited the Level 1 hospital and discovered that baby Grace and her mother had been admitted. Eager to stay informed, he spoke with the attending doctor to gather updates on the baby’s condition. Given the severity of her health issues, it was determined that transferring her to the specialized pediatric section at Levy Hospital was the best course of action. Consequently, in the evening, baby Grace was transported to Levy Hospital, where she would receive specialized care.

Hilda Mwale and her ill 6 month old baby

Expressing his concern and determination to support the family, Sampa visited baby Grace and her mother at Levy Hospital the following day. As he held the fragile baby in his arms, she innocently played, touching his face with her tiny hand. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sampa shed tears once again. Witnessing the suffering of such a young and innocent child deeply moved him, prompting a renewed commitment to finding a solution. The plight of baby Grace and other children like her resonated deeply within him.

The mother recounted the heartrending journey of baby Grace’s condition. The infant was born with swelling sores around her mouth area that continued to worsen over time. Initially, the child had been admitted to UTH (University Teaching Hospital), but she was discharged when no discernible issues were identified. Given the severity of the swelling, the mother must painstakingly drip-feed breast milk into the baby’s mouth, as she is unable to suckle on her own.

Compounding the mother’s challenges, the father abandoned her and returned to his parents when the child’s health began to deteriorate. Left with the responsibility of caring for five other children, the mother finds herself in dire financial circumstances. She relies on the assistance of another woman who earns a living selling vipyango (grass brooms) to make ends meet.

Motivated by their plight, Sampa engaged in a conversation with the attending doctor to explore possible solutions. Encouragingly, feedback received indicates that a medication plan is being formulated to address baby Grace’s condition.

The Matero Member of Parliament is appealing to the public to join him in prayers for baby Grace’s recovery. For those wishing to extend their support to baby Grace and her mother, Hilda Mwale, please contact Hilda directly at +260 97 2574438 (Airtel). Sampa also welcomes donations through his contact number, +260762652909 (MTN), for those who prefer to contribute through him. Together, through collective compassion and support, a brighter future can be envisioned for baby Grace and her mother.


  1. May God heal this child……..

    That is why I like the maverick sampa…….

    Never misses an opportunity to connect with the people.

  2. Then we will see Hichilema with his cameramen showing up. Meanwhile they where busy dancing to his unknown achievement with no medicines in hospitals and very high cost of commodities surrounding them.

  3. And some fuuls just go out running behind ECL… good job Miles.
    Did Sylvia donate at Miles number? If Masebo was my wife, I could ask her to go door to door to check on any sick babies.

  4. This is a great gesture by Miles Samoa and I encourage the rest of us to follow suite and make a donation please

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