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President Hakainde Hichilema Calls for Collaboration to Maximize Potential of Kalungwishi Hydro Power Station


President Hakainde Hichilema has urged Luapula Hydro Energy and ZESCO to work together to ensure that the Kalungwishi Hydro Power Station in Luapula Province reaches its full potential. During a meeting with traditional leaders from Luapula province, President Hichilema emphasized the need for both parties to share the same agenda and unlock the power station’s capabilities, which will have a positive impact on Luapula Province.

President Hichilema emphasized that the Kalungwishi Hydro Power Station is one of the plants that will contribute to increased power generation, aligning with the government’s agenda to generate surplus power. He expressed concern that despite Luapula Province’s abundant resources for hydro generation, it cannot fully utilize its manganese processing capacity due to insufficient power supply.

The president acknowledged the shared interest between the government and traditional leaders in the province to see the power plant fully operational. He called for a change in work culture and a proactive approach to transactions, highlighting that the country has made progress in restructuring its debt, which previously hindered development.

President Hichilema emphasized that with the debt restructured, the positive impact on the economy would become evident. However, he warned that he would exercise his constitutional powers to ensure the project’s realization if the relevant ministries and institutions fail to act.

In response to the president’s directive, Energy Minister Peter Kapala has been tasked with organizing a meeting between key players, including Lufubu Hydro Power Company, to discuss the way forward for the Kalungwishi Hydro Power Project. Minister Kapala expressed confidence that the meeting would lead to a resolution after years of delay.

Among the traditional leaders present at the meeting were House of Chiefs Chairperson Chief Chisunka, Senior Chief Nkula (representing Paramount Chief Chitimukulu), Chief Mushota, Chief Mumpolokoso, and a representative of Mwata Kazembe, Prince Kazagambayo.


  1. That is the way to go Mr.President, use your powers to ensure speedy development to benefit the people of Zambia so that by the time your full mandate is done , you will also show how much you will have added to Zambia’s development, in addition to debt problems you are addressing and other achievements in terms of increased funding to decentralization and to the education sector and other more..!!

    • DOUBLE H will make sure that everything under ground, on and over earth is exhausted to the benefit of his financiers and economic plunderers in league.

  2. As long as the two Kingpins aren’t involved you will not get anywhere. The injury has already been caused and it’ll be difficult to trust you. Why does Zesco want to forcefully take over a project they didn’t initiate and at such an advanced stage? You can’t bully citizens like Mwata and Mwine Lubemba. You’ll kiss dust

  3. kikikikiikkki it’s not Lusambo! i remember being part of the assessment team for the Kalungawishi hydro power plant. but the issues that rose were on water utilization with a sugar company!!!!! the SA firm pulled out after spending millions of dollars. flying us into the area from Lusaka to site. I hope they can resolve the issue quickly.

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