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Speeding vehicle kills 2 CBU students


A devastating accident occurred last night just a few meters away from the east gate entrance of Copperbelt University, resulting in the loss of two promising engineering students. The incident unfolded as they were making their way from campus to their boarding house around 21:30 hours. The entire university community is mourning the untimely deaths of Thabo Mumbi , a third-year engineering student, and Christian Bwalya, a second-year engineering student.

Thabo Mumbi, was 3rd Year Aeronautical engineering student was tragically killed last night

According to the Copperbelt University Students Union (COBUSU) President, Castro Mulilo, the students’ lives were tragically cut short when they were struck by a speeding vehicle. Regrettably, Thabo Mumbi succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident, while Christian Bwalya was rushed to Kitwe Teaching Hospital, where he passed away a few minutes later. Another individual, Josphat Muyambwa , a former student at NORTEC, sustained injuries and is currently receiving medical care at Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

Christian Bwalya was a CBU second year engineering student was tragically killed last night

Expressing his deep sorrow, COBUSU President CASTRO MULILO shared the news of the students’ demise, urging fellow students to mourn the loss without causing any disturbances. The tragic incident has left the entire Copperbelt University community in a state of shock and mourning.

In response to the devastating news, CBU’s Acting Dean of Students, Leonard Nkhata , described the deaths of the two students as regrettable. He appealed to the student body to find solace in their collective grief while refraining from engaging in any activities that may disrupt the peace and harmony on campus.

This morning, students donned black attire and, led by the COBUSU leadership, marched in solemn remembrance of their fellow students. The procession moved through Copperbelt University and Jambo Drive, serving as a poignant protest against the tragic loss that has befallen their community.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Peacewell Mweemba confirmed that 26-year-old Esther Aponde , the driver of the Toyota Hilux involved in the accident, has been detained in police custody pending further investigations. The authorities are working diligently to uncover the circumstances that led to the collision.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of the accident saw some students resorting to destructive behavior. Reports indicate that a shop opposite the main gate of CBU was looted, and another shop within the campus premises was also targeted. In addition, mobile money booths near the CBU main gate were set on fire, further exacerbating an already tragic situation.

The university administration, along with the local authorities, is appealing for calm and restraint during this challenging period.


  1. Akainde’ children have done it again. Why burn booths as if they are the ones that killed our brothers.

    It’s high students refrained from this behaviour.

    • The loss of their colleagues is of course a matter of serious regret and condolences are due to their families and the students. However, this does not and cannot excuse the looting and damage of property. Management needs to counsel these students on how supposed intellectuals conduct themselves on how to express anger/disappointment or happiness.

  2. They need to be mature and start acting like educated people. How does rioting help the situation? Looting wont solve the problem. Dont they have a Students Union? The union should have engaged with Civic authorities if it was ascertained that these actions were deliberate. This Nkana Red Devils mentality of starting a fight everytime something doesnt go your way should end.

  3. Withdraw their meal allowances for one semester to go towards repair of the shop plus stock and the destruction of Money booths.

  4. My sincere condolences to the family and friends of the 2 engineering students.Its really sad.May their souls rest in peace.

    • But property belonging to the Former President’s family “SUSPECTED TO BE PROCEEDS OF CRIME” have been forfeited to the State while DEC is still investigating. It’s called New Dawn investigations.

  5. This is a great loss. I wish our traffic officers would somewhat concentrate on improving the driving standards instead of those impromptu and intimidating road blocks.

    • Road blocks are subsistence allowance. Even the police chief knows but he is helpless about it. HH too.


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