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Government to uphold Christian values – Vice President


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has reiterated Government’s commitment to upholding the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation and the promotion of National values and principles as enshrined in the country’s constitution.

Ms. Nalumango says Government remains committed to working with and supporting the church in its efforts to guide God’s people and to provide holistic care.

She said government was pleased with the work that the church is doing in many areas such as education, health, nutrition, water, sanitation and environmental protection.

The Vice President said this in a speech read on her behalf by Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Paul Kabuswe at a graduation ceremony of over 250 United Party for National Development (UPND) Community Social Chaplains Training workshop in Lusaka today.

She said Government will always regard the church as a critical and an indispensable partner in national development.

“May I take this opportunity to assure the Church that my government remains committed to working with and supporting you in your efforts to shepherd God’s people and provide holistic care. The Government will always regard the church as a critical and an indispensable partner in national development,” Ms. Nalumango said.

The Vice President urged the church not to shy away from engaging government in case of a misunderstanding on government positions on certain issues or where the Church feels government is not doing well.

“Do not shy away from engaging us where you feel that you do not understand our position on certain issues or where we are not doing well,” said Ms. Nalumango.

Ms. Nalumango added that citizens have a huge responsibility to actualise the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation.

She has encouraged citizens not to relent in the pursuit of the country’s Christian heritage and promotion of the shared values of love, peace, unity and prosperity.

Speaking earlier, UPND’s Religious Affairs and Chaplaincy Services (RACS) Chairman Reverend William Njombo said the party, through the organisation, will establish centres for community transformation country wide.

Dr. Njombo said the centres, to be managed by the trained chaplains, will aim at effecting the realisation of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation.

He said the community transformation centres will hold prayer rallies across the country, educate communities against vices that negatively impact the society such as drug and alcohol abuse and will also endeavour to care for senior citizens especially those who spent much of their youthful lives in opposition.

“We will establish centres for community transformation in all provinces, constituencies, districts and wards. These centres will help us realise the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation through holding country-wide prayer rallies by the UPND chaplains,” he said.

Livingstone Mission Centre National Coordinator Felix Mumbi said he was happy to be associated with the party in training the 250 UPND party chaplains.

Bishop Mumbi said the Kazungula based organisation is confident that the trained chaplains are equal to the task of spiritually nurturing communities’ country-wide to sustain the Christian Nation tag.


  1. It’s unfortunate ba mayo is only used to talk about Christian values. Does this woman go to parliament? I hear she almost resigned because lgbt!!!

  2. Does Zambia even have values to talk about?
    Some values are like the Zimabwean dollar, pointing to nothing. Valueless.

  3. As a national philosophy Christianity has lamentably failed, even humanism fared well. Government’s reaction to the graphs saga doesn’t tally with this statement. This is hypocrisy at its best. There’s nothing christian about how the UPND is governing us. Even pagans would do better. Zambian Christians are a fraud, very greedy individuals. At the height of the convid-19 pandemic, we saw many Muslims turn their warehouses into treatment and quarantine centers and offered them to the public for free while some christians were selling anointed masks. Some even instructed members to send tithes by electronic transfer!

  4. A valueless society bred from the past
    and so it shall continue..
    Religion is well known to be food for the poor
    What a shame

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