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Clergy urged to avoid dragging the Church in to politics – ICOZ


Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) president David Masupa has urged religious leaders to avoid dragging the Church into politics.

Bishop Masupa says the church is filled with members who have different political affiliations and interests and that must be respected.

He said the church should not be used to persuade members into following one political ideology against the other.

Bishop Masupa was speaking during a special ordination service for Alfred Ching’ambu as Bishop and national Overseer of the Pentecostal Showers Bible Church in Lusaka’s Kamwala South.

“As we ordain you, take note that your congregation has members who belong to various political parties. This I say to you and those who lead congregations, do not invite speakers that will want to make members to follow a political party,” Bishop Masupa said.

The Bishop urged the clergy to instead pray for those tasked with the responsibility to manage the Affairs of the country.

He said the pulpit should be used to pray for government leaders and to support the development agenda and not to divide the flock.

“It is our duty to pray for those in leadership and their success,” he said.

The ICOZ president further appealed to church members to support the newly installed Bishop of the Pentecostal Showers Bible Church which was established in 2001 and registered as a church with the Registrar of Societies in 2021.

And Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Bishop Chingambu said his vision for the church is to bring good news to the lost souls.

Ching’ambu also pledged to rally behind the government of the day by always praying for leadership.

“Our vision is to bring good news to lost souls. And to the government, we are behind you and we will continue praying for you,” Bishop Ching’ambu said.

The ordination was being held alongside the commissioning of the Pentecostal Showers Bible Church in Kamwala South in Lusaka.


  1. In Zambia just pay a union President or in this man he probably registered this organisation himself and hs/he will start to sing for you…who is dragging the church in it; is it not the politicans.

  2. Every political leader through out the world when appointed suddenly uses religion to stabalise his/her position in society after all it as the largest following..

    • That’s what the politicians who hoodwinked you dont want you to ask; they ones who declared Zambia a christian nation..they want it to be a one way street that.. it suits them whilst themselves can lie and steal like FTJ Chiluba. And no politican has the balls to reverse that declaration as they saying goes religion is the opium of the people or opium of the masses (German: Opium des Volkes)

  3. Talking on behalf of the masses is not politics. This Bishop should read the Bible in full to understand what the church stands for. I remember the current president warning the previous administration against threatening the clergy when they talked on our behalf.

  4. The government should stop dragging the church into cheap talk. Mostly, they want the church for favorite; otherwise, the church is nothing.

  5. So iwe Bishop, which grouping is without members with different political affiliations? You have to realize politics is a fact of life everywhere. So today mwise mukanye ama church ukulanda pama politics mu New Doom?

  6. There is no Church that is dragging the Church in to politics. All the Catholics are saying is people are suffering while HH is wants to feed them graphs. How much are you David Masupa paying for Mealie Meal. May be it is because you survive from offerings from another brainwashed group of people. If the Church can not represent the interests of its people, what good is that Church for. David has received a brown envelope and has forgotten his flock.

  7. The church should be part of public life by condemning misrule,waste,theft and abuse of office.Politics is inherently evil and that’s the Church’s mandate to root out evil.

  8. Father Umberto spoke for the people. He was close to them,the poor. He ate añd walked with them and knew their problems very well.

  9. Bishop David Masupa is failing badly in his religious mission – to condemn ,confront and root out evil. Politics is evil Bwana.

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